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Perfect Driver for Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

What is the perfect golf swing driver

For two years I thought I had the perfect golf swing driver but alas I broke it. Ever since I have tried, in vain, to get a new shaft that would be in harmonic balance with my golf club.

But, alas, I was not successful and have decided I had to switch to another driving club.

Which club should I pick. There are about 12 name brand manufacturers that have excellent drivers and metal woods for fairways and hybrids for long iron replacements. So how do you choose the one that is best for you.

It has been said that you must have your club made for you by a very select group of expert golf club builders. There is also a group that says why bother when you can get a club right off the rack and it will be just as good.

Well, you have spent all of your time trying to produce the perfect golf swing for you and now you want the perfect golf club for your golf swing.

How to choose the club for the perfect golf swing

There are an infinite number of ways to select the perfect golf swing club for you. So I will tell you my way and you can choose that way or modify it or even choose another way as mine is not too scientific.

I have been to a number of web sites of stores that sell golf equipment to see what they sell and if there are any feed back comments on the clubs purchased from their customers. well actually let me go back one more step.

I went to YouTube and watched a few videos from people that have tried clubs and compared them with others that they were testing. There are about four videos that I would conclude that were up to date and relevant.

But there was problems with some of them also as one guy was swinging the golf clubs at a speed of 134 mph. Now I don’t come anywhere near that and I don’t know anyone that does so should I totally disregard what he finds?

Well, I wrote down the clubs he tested and the order in which he put them so I had a reference point to start from. I found one more that tested clubs from last year and another that tested clubs from this year. Did the same recording as I did on the first.

Then I went to the web sites of golf club sellers and looked for comments. That was a total waste of time as each person who bought a driver club had nothing but great things to say about the club. While the only negative statements were from people that were upset with the service they got and not the perfect golf swing driver.

What to do about my perfect golf swing driver

That was not very conclusive for my perfect golf swing so I decided to go by the old touchy feely approach. I went to my local golf shop that allows us to get our hands on a club or two or three and take to their driving range to try the clubs.

Now, I have got to tell you that I have an advantage over you. Unless you live in the Detroit Metro area where I live you will not have the advantage that we have here. We have a store that was initially started as a driving range and has kept part of their store with a driving range where you can test clubs right there for free.

They actually have two stores with a driving range to try clubs at.

So, I go to the nearest one to me and try what I have determined to be three of the favorite clubs used by the various testers of clubs. Also from other stores online I got their most popular clubs info to see if people really want these clubs.

Before I did that though I decided what price range I wanted a club in to take home. I decided I wanted a club in the $200 range. I could have tried the $400+ drivers but I was thinking of you and what you would want as a reasonably priced club to buy.

Also, I could have selected a $80 to $140 club which was some of the very expensive ones a few years ago and have been marked down as the newer models have been introduced. Some are used while others are brand new.

The selection process for my perfect golf swing driver is pretty concise but was interrupted and I was not able to spend as much time as I wanted to make my selection. As this is getting long, I will conclude this on my next post.

By the way, for those of you new to the blog, please go through the many post that have led up to these events and my quest for the perfect golf swing for me. I have gone from a 4 handicap to a 30 handicap and back to a 9 handicap in a matter of 15 years.

So check out how it all went down by going through my 240 some odd posts on this blog.

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