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No Golf So It’s Just Golf, How to Swing Like a Pro

As predicted, we had two storms come through that were really severe. Therefore, we did not play.

So the opportunity to practice the perfect golf swing was not to be. After posting yesterday, I went back to review the videos from my golf training guru. And it reminded me that a slow back swing is essential to producing the perfect golf swing.

As a matter of fact, Paul Wilson, the Trainer, said to take the back swing back so slow that it seems like you are playing your video back in slow motion. Also, this was reinforced by a fellow that is golfing in our league. I went to the golf course and as we were sitting around talking he told me he has slowed his back swing way down and is hitting the ball better as a result.

This is something you want to practice at the driving range primarily but could practice just as a practice swing before you hit the ball. This will help you concentrate on the things you need to do to hit the good shot.

I’ve got to tell you, I really like Paul Wilson and his no non-sense, good information training method. He explains everything in detail and shows you how to overcome the issues as they arise. And he is the first to tell you that you will not have the perfect golf swing over night. It will take the average student 7 to 9 weeks to grasp his techniques.

My wife said to me that maybe he isn’t the right person or techniques to use if it is so difficult. I thought about that and decided that I would continue. But she makes a valid point. I originally started this blog to find the Perfect Golf Swing that was simple, repeatable and easy to use. I have gotten away from that as I have latched on to the Paul Wilson’s technique which is not that simple to learn but will provide a better swing for better scores.

The new site is . I really recommend him if you are looking for a coach to help you get a good ¬†golf swing. Now, I don’t take this lightly as I have purchase tutorials from 6 different instructors over the last two years and I think he is the best.

BUT, if you want the simple easy golf swing then please go to David Nevogt’s, Simple Golf Swing at golf swing I also recommend this tutorial for those that want the least amount of effort to gain the best golf scores with the shortest period of time. It is a good and simple training method for the average golfer.

There is one other recommendation I want to make. There is a fellow that teaches stretching techniques to help provide you with a better ability to hit the golf ball. He tries to teach hitting the ball too but his primary skill is stretching the muscles so that you can swing the golf club better as well as living life better.

His web site is Mike Pedersen’s Power Golf Training Membership @ . He has a free membership to join where you get emails and lots of free videos. He also sells 8 to 10 products about stretching and golf swings in pdf format and videos. His prices vary but they can be as low as $20 and then go up from there.

But if you just want to go see what information he has for free, it is well worth it. I use many of his stretching techniques. I also use many stretching exercises that I learned from my Chiropractor over the many years that I went to see him. The sites I have recommended have their locations on the links that are high lighted. So just click on the high lighted words and go to the sites and look around. Almost all have info for free but if you want you can buy products also.

Well, my next opportunity for golf will be on Thursday. I will be posting 3 to 4 days a week about my golfing and information I learn from various places. Enjoy and let me know if you want more or different.

By the way, I have another blog that I am running which has over 500 videos about golf balls, golf equipments and golf tips. The site is free and you could literally spend hours/days in there with all of the videos. Just go, it is call and it is totally free.

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