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My Perfect Golf Swing is Nearing Perfection

Perfect Golf Swing

My perfect golf swing is almost complete

The perfect golf swing is nearing completion. The last piece of the puzzle feel into place during my last two rounds of golf. The golf swing  was getting pretty close but I was still having issues with how to swing when I was in the middle of the 8th hole on Friday and it was like the “Blues Brothers” where I saw the light.

I thought about it all week end while I was installing laminate flooring in my hall and kitchen. I like taking on projects which is why I began this blog. My goal was to find the perfect golf swing for me so that I could then show you and we all would get better. Well, I am pretty sure that this is it.

I am going to practice a couple more rounds to determine if indeed I have found the perfect golf swing for me and you.

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How will I know that this is the perfect golf swing

My biggest concern is that I have not really found the perfect golf swing again. I have been through this process now eight times and I am again becoming very careful about declaring that I have found the magic lamp.

So I want to practice a little more but I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and my brother is in town staying with us for a few days s0 I am very busy. As they say my plate is very full. And to be perfectly honest with you I have taken this latest version of the perfect golf swing and made modifications, so I want to see if they will hold.

The one thing I have found that is an absolute is that to make sure you hit the ball straight is to make a limited back swing so that the golf face returns to the proper position and you hit the ball straight.

To help you with this I have given you a copy of a video made by Tom Cannarozzo wqho is a Teaching Professional at the Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte NC. He is a Three Time Arkansas Teacher of the Year and 2011 Arkansas Player of the Year. He tells you all about the short back swing. I must qualify this with a statement about the short back swing and that is to say I have even modified this to make my swing more accurate.

The group I played with on Monday say that my perfect golf swing was perfect and if it is working why change it. Well what they don’t realize is that I have modified my golf swing about eight times over the past 18 months to get to the point I am at. They didn’t pay any attention to what I said about that and only wanted me to not screw with it anymore because it was to them a perfect golf swing.

Anyway, here is the video.

MY two favorite teaching methods so far use a short back swing to keep you in control and it is easy to remember so it is repeatable.

Anyway, that is all for today and I will post another page to you on Thursday or Friday. Probably Friday as I plan on golfing on Thursday.

Also, I have begun the process of providing you with more info then I can give you as I believe you are getting tired of reading about me so I am going to start, next week to provide you info about the world that does not pertain to me. I will still add my two or three post about my play but there will be other things about golf in general and probably the latest in golf equipment.

I am pretty sure you will enjoy my newest version of my blog.

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Thanks and see ya soon,

Lou M.

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