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My Perfect Golf Swing – How I Did It

Perfect Golf Swing

What have I done to get the perfect golf swing

What I did to get my perfect golf swing.You will no doubt find a different way to get your perfect golf swing but maybe I can help you get there a little faster.

I say that as it has taken me almost two years from when I made up my mind to get a better golf swing with better scores. It has had many twist and turns but I finally got to be the golfer I have wanted to become.

I feel like I can make any golf shot that is needed with my variety of shots in my mixed bag right now. The only thing I cannot do is drive a golf ball 300 yards. I can hit 250 yards pretty consistently and if I change my driver I may be able to hit it 260 or 280 yards but why worry about it when I can post scores that are 7 to 9 over par for 18 holes.

I am not the 4 handicap I was before but I am under 10 which I am very happy about and this is going to be my perfect golf swing. Can you say that?

How did I get the perfect golf swing

My perfect golf swing came after investing about $600 in tutorials all stating that they could get me the perfect golf swing if I followed their directions and instructions.

The first four I tried were very difficult and complex. I could not get my body to move the way they wanted and was getting very frustrated. I would then begin looking for another tutorial which I hoped would lead me to the promised land of the perfect golf swing. But alas I was thwarted and my golf scores did not change a whole lot.

Soon I came across a tutorial about the simple golf swing. Just the title made me believe it was going to be the best. It was just what I was looking for until I realized that my best drives were only going to be about 220 yards. I did not like that but I decided that it would be just great for many of the hacks I was playing with. But I wanted more!

I found another couple but they were not exactly what I wanted until I found the other simple swing tutorial. It was perfect. It had a more complex grip but that was easy to master. I do have to tell you that the new grip causes my middle finger, you know the one, on my right had to hurt from the grip. It still hurts even four months later but my golf scores are much better and my golf swing is great.

Here is an example, I have played 9 holes almost exclusively each time I played this year and I am now playing 18 holes with the boys on Wednesday and I am tired by the 16th hole. Yesterday I shot a 40 on the back nine which we played first and a 43 on the front nine in which I had a double bogie, par and double bogie on the last three holes.

I blame the doubles on being tired. I think I could have had a 41 easily which would have given me an 81 instead of 83 for the second time in a week. So, my perfect golf swing is great and I am enjoying golf again.

After a season of many changes, I would place myself in the top five of both of my leagues and I truly believe I will be in the top two or maybe three in both leagues next season with my perfect golf swing as a result of changing over to the Simple Golf Swing by Symple Golf.

This is where I give you my recommendation for Simple (Symple) Golf Swing by Symple Golf. If you would like to play in the 80’s even by the end of October this year I would get Symple Golf right now.

Here is the link to my sign up for my newsletter and access to Symple Golf. Just CLICK HERE NOW

In my newsletter, I will provide info about the five things you must do to be a decent golfer plus I am putting in the info about the other tutorials I paid for that just did not work for me. Also, when you buy the Symple Golf tutorial I will also provide some things that I picked up from these other tutorials that I think will max out your learning experience with Symple Golf.

An example would be how to hit various distances for your chip shots from 100 yards on in using two clubs.

Symple golf shows you how to hit chip shots from 70 yards in and it is great but this other thing will enhance the method.

So to get your perfect golf swing, please go to Symple Golf and get your DVD’s and learn within three weeks how to golf before the snow falls or the temperature gets too cold. Then practice over the winter in your garage and start next season with a bang.

See ya next week.


Lou M.

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