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My Last Golf Swing Tips

This golf swing tips post is post number 327…

I have poured out my heart & soul to help you learn how to golf better.

I have provided mostly great post that I have been proud of and I
have helped many of you thanks to feed back from you, my loyal reader…

I am leaving the blog up and operational so that you can
see all the posts I have
created as I think they are good
and informational.

So read all of the posts if you want, just book mark the
home page so you can return
and read all of the info…

I have told you what is the best golf swing method, “The Simple
Golf Swing” if you want it go to my link and sign up with your
email address and just use abc for your name unless you want
me to call you by your real name.

The Simple Golf Swing <=== click this link.

It will take you to my sign up site and when you fill out the forms
you will  be sent to the simple golf swing where it can be purchased
and in about three weeks of practice you will be great compared to
your friends.

In my post I told you about some of the tricks that people like Ralph Maltby
uses to improve what he does and gets and uses perfect golf balls.

I have told you about Paul Wilson and how he is able to hit 10 many different
shots within 100 yards using two golf clubs. But I did not recommend
his golf swing method.

It is toooo complicated to do and to remember for the next season…

I told you about Don Trahan and his complex golf swing. No wonder
his son is not in the top 150 pros…

And there were others…

I have spent over $700 on all of these golf instructions and used
them over the last two years and have only one I recommend…

Just click on any link on this post and it will take you to the
Simple Golf Swing, which I use now. So run don’t walk
to the Simple Golf Swing and buy it and in three weeks
you will be the best golfer you have ever been.

Unless you were like me. I used to be a 4 handicap for 18 holes
until I stop golfing for financial reasons.

I restarted golfing three seasons ago and am now a 12 handicap
after trying all of these golf methods.

But remember on my last few posts I said no matter what method
you decide to use, you will not become great unless you play
a lot and practice frequently.

I hope to be about a 4 again this season.

But I have told you about almost everything there is to talk
about and I am beginning to repeat myself.

So I am leaving this blog for an opportunity to make huge MONEY

This will allow me to golf year round and play more often to
get even better and not have to work…

I will be able to do all of the things I want to do because of the money
being made online. Too bad you can’t join me!

WAIT, maybe you can, if you decide you want to golf year round
in locations around the world then contact me via my “contact
page” above and right and I will help if I have the time…

In the meantime, if you want to get to be a better golfer fast
then go to the link here SYMPLE GOLF SWING

Just put abc for name and then your best email address
only for the golf swing info. To find out more about
becoming filthy rich go to my contact page and use
that email…

Anyway, see ya on the flip side and if you run into
me at one of your golf courses, say HI.

My name is Lou Martiniano of

The Perfect Golf Swing Tips Blog

Blog Ping Site


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  1. Cody Lewis Says:

    So sad to see this is the last tip but thankful the great tips you’ve provided! I’d love to run into you at my home course, Falcon Ridge Golf Course in Mesquite Nevada… stop by sometime!

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