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My Last Golf Game of the Year

Well, here I am. It is Wednesday, November 10, 2010. The last two days have been superb. The temperatures have been in the low 60’s with very little wind and lots of sun. Today is suppose to be the same way so I head for the golf course but the weather did not co-operate.

The high for the day was 51, it was cloudy, breezy and just cold. It even spitted a little for about three holes, adding insult to injury.

Well, we plug on and I am hitting the ball fairly well with my reworked golf swing but I get five bogies and one double bogie for a 43. Still driving pretty good and really my overall game is pretty solid. I am just having difficulty hitting the greens in reg and the chips are not the greatest. My putting is mediocre at best so I am two putting everything except for one triple and I am doing some experimentation with certain shots.

I golf decent for the weather on the back but decide this is it. A 44 on the back and did not lose a ball. The guys want to play on Friday but I tell them I am putting the golf clubs in the basement and cleaning the trunk of my car. accupril sales See ya next year!

They remind me that they will probably play on Mondays at the indoor dome. It is really not play but a driving range where we can hit balls , get some instructions from the local golf pro and have a few drinks with friends.

I just wish the weather was in the 80’s so I could play. I think if I had a month of experimentation and practice, I could play in the high 70’s or low 80’s onsistently. Heck, I am playing in the mid to low 80’s in winter conditions and high winds.

So I think that between now and January 1st I will hang up the golf clubs. With the new year will be a renewed attempt to golf better in 2011.

I have purchased these new simple golf swing online tutorials which I can review during the break and possibly begin my finalized version of my new, easy and simple golf swing. I just want you to know what I have done. I have the golf swing book and videos I bought last winter, I have the natural golf with Moe Norman I bought about six years ago, I have these two new simple golf swing ebooks and videos and a simple putting made easy.

My total investment is about $300, plus I took a lesson from a golf instructor last winter for $50. If I can’t make a simple and easy to use golf swing out of all of that then I am in serious trouble. So stay tuned and I may be able to teach you how to swing the golf club and score well.

So my next post will probably be about getting practice started and practicing on my putting and chipping using golf balls and wiffle balls. I still have a bunch of posts that should carry me through this new year until I can review, analyze and Cheap Levitra test these new simple golf swing techniques.

Then I will tell you what is good and what is pretty good and what is a waste of time if any. You probably want to know why I have so many tutorials/lessons and that is really simple. Not any one of these things will be the end all for all the things we do in golf. I may find that one does most of it but then I need something for some other part I hadn’t considered.

So again, stay tuned for further developments and remember, if you are arriving late to the blog, then go back to the beginning and read through to how I got to this point. Right now I am a better then average golfer with an 84 average but I want more. If you want more than follow me and learn.


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