My Golf Swing Tips Have Helped

By | December 3, 2010

Before this next post I want you to consider something for me. I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techiques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

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I am a glutten for punishment. More golf swing tips for us.

I am hitting the ball well but I am not going in the right direction as I am off direction by a few degrees on my swings. My drive on five is good but it is in the left side of the fairway. Sounds good right? Wrong! If the drive would have been 230 yards it would have been OK. But the hole is a dog leg right and the hole runs out of fairway on the left side and the ball goes into the trees. My golf cart buddy and I look at the shot and it appears I have an opening to the green. It is a shot of about 185 yards so I decide to use my three iron to keep it low and play it off my right foot and use a three quarter swing.

Nice try. I hit the ball good but it goes up quicker than I expected and caught leaves in the tree, It kills Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy the shot and it only travels about 150 yards. But I am right in front and have an easy shot into the green. I pull my wedge out and decide I have to hit the ball a little further as the green is tilted from back to front and the pin is close to the back. It is a very difficult green so you want to stay below the hole and putt into the hill.

Well I must have wanted to watch my beautiful shot and pulled my head up early and skulled the ball over the green into the crap behind. I had to pull it out with a stroke penalty and chipped onto the green. Well there was no way to keep it on the green with the severe slope and sure enough I am in the fairway below the green.

I chip up again and two putt for a snow man eight. See how one bad shot can kill you


The next hole is a par three and I get a four. I am now eight over par after six holes.

I get to the next hole and have my head hagging low. I get up and hit the ball but I forget to aim. My alignment is off and it sails on a line right over the trees on the right. I don’t find that ball, put down another and hit a decent shot just short of the green. I chip on and two putt for a double boggie six. I am now 10 over par.

Now we have two examples of what not to do. First is a chip onto a green. I used 825 mg augmentin the wrong golf club and I did not pay attention to the shot. I have subsequently learned how to do this but for right now I need help to keep from skulling the ball or chili dipping. Second, is alignment. The drive on five and now on seven caused me strokes just because I did not take the time to align my drive properly. I must pay attention to details. Another golf swing tip for me and you.

Another tip from YouTube – How to fix a slice

Next post, how I finish the first nine.

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