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My Golf Swing is Bad

I am just like you, I am an avid golfer but I am having troubles with my golf swing right now. It didn’t used to be like that.

Back about 15 years ago I was nearly a scratch golfer. Thats right, I had a 4 handicap for 18 holes. In one of my golf leagues I was a scratch golfer for 9 holes. I used to hit the ball on a rope.

Straight and long. I could chip and putt so that when I was off or careless, I could make up with my chips and putts.

In the league they had 3 nine hole courses and each had 36 for par. I had 34 on 12 different occassions during league play. I also had 35 on 8 different occassions. This was done over a two year span. I have over par rounds on 11 different occasion and the rest were par.

I am bragging because to see me play right now it is not possible for me to say that I used to play like that. I am a 49 average for 9 holes on the league I am currently playing. But there are signs of improvement.

Last week I had 19 strokes for the first 3 holes and ended up with a 47. That means I played the last 6 holes at 4 over par. I cannot explain what has transpired last week without explaining what happened to the scratch golfer first.

So, over the next series of posts I will explain what happened to that great golfer and tell you about the changes that are helping me get better. I suppose I will never be that scratch golfer ever again as my age is starting to become a factor.
So see you next time.

By the way, if this is the first time her then you may want to go all the way through the posts to see how I have progressed. It is bets to go from here to the latest post. If you do want to jump ahead then use this link for the home page at “The Perfect Golf Swing Tips”

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