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More Work On the Perfect Golf Swing

More work on the perfect golf swing – Perfect golf swing in progress

The perfect golf swing

This post is about how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing for you. Ya know, you can practice the golf swing over and over but you don’t know you have the perfect golf swing until you hit a ball.

Here is what I mean. While on the golf machine at the golf store, I was sure I was hitting balls 300 yards right down the middle. But it was not until I saw the results on the machine’s video screen did I realize I was not even close.

So I would practice the swing again and then try to hit another 300 yard drive right down the middle only to  find out I had hit another one much shorter and pulled it left. Not a lot but it would have been in the rough.

Then on the next one I would try to make sure I did not go left and sure enough it went right rough or edge of fairway but it was not down the middle. Out of 10 balls I hit on the machine, three would be considered middle and the rest were left or right. About six would have been in the fairway if it was a wide fairway. Almost the perfect golf swing.

The practice for the perfect golf swing

This is not how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. But it was pretty decent for not playing regularly. Yes I know I was going to practice golfing in the garage but things happen. I have only been out there about 20% of the time I had planned.

The weather has been great but the calender has been full of scribbles and schedules have been met. So I have not practiced like I should.

But just last weekend I was practicing my rhythm and tempo, first with my left arm, then the right arm and then both arms only to have my left wrist hurt like heck this week. I also practiced the “tommy hawk” to try and get more distance and to make sure the hits were down the middle for the perfect golf swing.

The tommy hawk, at least I call it that but Bobby Wilson calls it chopping wood. It is used to make sure you keep your wrist cocked and your right elbow in close to your body.

In all of the swings I have worked on, they all have one thing in common. That is that your right wrist rotates 90 degrees and the left wrist follows and you have a cocked wrist at the top of your swing. Even the simple golf swing has you cocking the wrist ever so slightly because you are not taking the swing passed left arm parallel to the ground.

But in order to get any speed out of the swing you must cock your wrist and uncock it just about at impact. That is what makes the simple golf swing so great. You are keeping things simple. You will lose some distance but you will hit the ball straight. Which is much better then hitting it long out of bounds or in the trees with no shot.

Back to Tommy Hawk for the perfect golf swing

Getting back to the Tommy Hawk in the perfect golf swing it is something you can do to make sure your elbow is in close to the body and you are hitting down the line of flight. Bobby has us practice the Tommy Hawk three times before we conclude our perfect golf swing.

Here is the process. You practice your back swing, then you begin your forward swing. Your wrist is cocked, the swing is started with your waist or hips and the you go down to just before club parallel to the ground and stop, then go back up to arm parallel to ground and then go down again with tommy hawk to club parallel to ground and again go back up then go down again but this time continue through to the finish of the forward swing.

How did you like that? Pretty good, hey. My Canadian friends would be very proud of me. They get the perfect golf swing, hey.

One last thing about the perfect golf swing

I am still confused in the perfect golf swing. Where do I place the ball. Actually, I am not confused but if you listened to all of the pros you would be confused.

Here is my deal. I like Fuzzy Zeoller’s take on this issue. Here is what he has to say about the ball location for every shot. You practice your swing to find the bottom of your arc with each club when you are setting up your shot and that is where you place your ball.

You do this every day and every shot as your swing will change slightly every shot. You will do something different every time so be prepared to hit where the bottom of the arc is at that particular shot.

There is one exception, the drive. Here is what you will do. Again find the bottom of your arc with the driver. Then whatever size tee you are using move the ball forward of the bottom of the arc that distance. Not the total distance of the tee but however much is above the ground. If you have a three inch tee but you have it in the ground one inch then move the ball forward two inches. Understand? This is to help with that perfect golf swing you are developing.

The final perfect golf swing with the driver

Now you have incorporated all of these various things for the perfect golf swing that I have learned from all of the various teachers and pros. What more is there to learn?

One last thing. Remember first to have rhythm and tempo then this last thing.

When you address the ball for your drive, use the bottom of your arc for your address point. Then use a waggle and keep the driver off of the ground, have your club face just ever so slightly open to compensate for the club closing slightly because the ball is teed up two inches left of the club face, get in tempo and now take your swing.

One last thing to remember, hold your club like you would with an open tube of tooth paste and just swing away with your perfect golf swing.

Holy Smokes, I think I have just given you the perfect golf swing without you having to pay anything to learn it. But really there are more things to learn that I cannot give you. The grip, the back swing the forward swing, chipping, pitching and it goes on and on. So if you really want to improve your golf swing then get the Simple Golf Swing and use my methods that are a little different that I have learn all around the web to produce the perfect golf swing.

Many of you started with me as you had hoped that I would spend my money learning what was good and what was bad so that you would not have to spend a lot of money. I have done that and for the money, the Simple Golf Swing is the best for most hacks or beginners. So don’t be afraid and buy with my link as I will get a finders fee to recoup some of my money.

See ya next week,


Lou M.

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