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More Practice for My Golf Swing

Well here we are. It is now Christmas Eve, 2010.

I hope you get the Christmas presents you want. I am pretty sure I have gotten a new golf bag, golf shoes & more golf balls.

Until I get my great golf swing which will produce great golf scores, I will continue to need golf balls.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!

Another post from October, 2010

More practice for my golf swing.

Today is Sunday, October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10. The temperature is going to reach into the 90’s here and it is wonderful.

My wife and I go to the course about 2:30 pm and get in line. I can’t believe how crowded it is and I ask the fellow behind Buy Viagra prescription online the desk where did everyone come from. He tells me that it is a surprise to him because it’s usually not very crowded at this time.

Oh well, we are here to enjoy the weather and just being together outdoors. We have nowhere to go and all day to get there. Another course I have only played once about eight years ago. It is not a tough course so I am not concerned as we are just out to play. I only get a card to see the yardage and the general route of each hole.

I am hitting the ball good again and my wife says, don’t you get tired of hitting your drives right down the middle. I am surprised as this is only become a truism recently. But that is what I am doing. We are waiting for the players in front to clear out and I use a nice comfortable golf swing and hit the ball about 240 down the middle.

I only tell you about this round as we are not keeping score but the two guys in front of us have a very common problem. They are both hitting like I did at the beginning of the year. One of these guys though has a great practice swing. He is left handed but I won’t hold that against him. When he takes a practice swing it is nice a slow and when he follows through it is just about perfect.

But, when he goes to hit the ball, I cannot snap my finger faster then he does his backswing and follow through and hits the ball, maybe. The one hole we caught up to him and his buddy, he dribbles it into the heavy rough in front of the green. He is trying to hit with his driver but it only goes about 30 yards until it goes into this deep rough.

So, he quickly pulls out another ball and hits it as fast as the first. This time it goes out into the fairway and I have pulled up next to their cart with my cart.

His buddy is getting into the cart and I say, man he has a great practice swing but when he goes to hit the ball his swing is too fast.

His buddy says “I know, and I tell him all the time but he won’t listen to me”. Then I told him that he probably wouldn’t listen to me either.

I tell you this only to remind you that if you take a practice swing you are suppose to follow up with a real swing just like the practice golf swing. That is why you take practice swings. Too often I see other do the same and I was guilty of doing it myself. As a matter of fact, I stopped taking practice swings as my real swing would be entirely different and the ball would go who knows where. And it wasn’t until I slowed down my backswing that I finally started hitting the ball good.

Here is a saying that an old timer gave to me about a hundred years ago. He said, “Remember, you cannot hit the acai berry sales golf ball on the back swing, so don’t swing so hard!”

Next post will probably be about my regular Wednesday round with the boys.

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