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More Golf Swing Tips

I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techniques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

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My quest for a below 40 is looking good.

My favorite par five is up next. Like I told you before, it is better to hit the drive on the left side of the fairway. So, I intentionally aim for the left side and OMG that is where it goes. I don’t hit it as hard abilify 30 mg as I am looking for location more than distance. I swing at about 75% and I hit it perfect.

If I would have hit it at the trap I would have gone in Buy Viagra prescription online but I hit it left and I am in the fairway about 195 from the green. I still have the big trees to go over but I am thinking I can do that even with a four iron. The pin is up front so I decide to use a five iron.

What a great swing and hit. The ball climbs just like a nine iron and goes over the trees. We see the ball land short of the green and it bounces two maybe three times before it begins to roll. We see it headed for the pin and people start to yell go in, go in but we see it roll past the pin but don’t know by how much.

What we do know is that the ball is on the green in two and I will be putting for a three on a par five. This could be my second eagle on this par five in less than two months.

Well I am only three feet from the pin.

No one else is on the green so I wait for them to get on. They are all outside of my putt so I wait for them all to putt. About 10 minutes pass before I get my putt and I decide to stroke it softly so if I miss I won’t go way past the pin and two putt back.

Well, I hit a nice soft putt and I am sure it is going in but just at the last moment it curves off to the right and lips out of the hole. It goes by about three inches so I tap in for my birdie.

Well, I am now three over par after eight holes.

Once you get the swing it is a matter of concentration. Two great shots and a decent putt. I suppose I would have made the putt with a more aggressive putt but I did not want to have a six foot putt coming back if I would have missed. I got the birdie but I missed my second eagle on this hole this season. This is my third birdie here so I am pretty happy.

At least I can say I had a three foot putt for an eagle. How many others can say that.

Next post is to show my resolve to get my sub 40 round.

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