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More Golf Swing Tips – Putting Drills


Golf Swing Tips – Putting Drills

It is one thing to have golf swing tips for the proper grip and get it set so that you do not forget how to do it but you must practice and just putt for putting’s sake will not work. So we need putting drills to get better with these golf swing tips for putts.

This article will provide you with golf swing tips with putting drills to make you get better.

Control the distance or speed of your putts by changing the length of your stroke (similar to pitching).  Next time you are on the practice green when you look down at your feet try to use them as a visual guide to control the distance you take the putter head back. For a short putt, bring the putter back until it is even with the inside of your right foot. For a medium length putt, bring the putter back until it is even with the middle of your right foot. For a longer length putt, bring the putter back until it is outside your right foot.

Try to keep the same tempo back and through with audible tips like “tick tock” or by using a metronome when you practice. Ping has a free App available through iTunes that provides valuable feedback regarding the tempo and mechanics of your putting stroke and can even make recommendations regarding the best type of putter to select for your putting stroke style. It is very simple to use..just attach the clip onto your putter and go.

Other tempo drills to use include placing a quarter or coin on the back of a blade putter and make a stroke without the coin slipping off the putter. If you are always coming up short and don’t get the ball to the hole place a water bottle in the hole and putt trying to hit the bottle. If you decelerate or “hit” your putts leaving you with inconsistent distances…sometimes short…sometimes long…then try the push drill.  There is no backstroke only a forward pushing stroke towards the hole keeping the putter low as you finish allowing you to feel a more natural stroke vs a hit….More at Putting Drills to Lower Your Score

Putting Tip – World’s Best 3 Putting Drills

These three drills are designed to help you make putts under six feet more often then you do now. If you are anything like me you are at best 50%. The pros make 83% of their putts under 6 feet. It would be nice to be able to do 75% and reduce your scores for 18 holes by 6 to 10 strokes depending how bad you are at putting.

So, this video will show you the three practice drills you should do to get much better. GoTo

Your Second Video is about Lag Putts

This is Paul Wilson a golf pro in Las Vegas. He teaches you how to get closer then six feet with your lag putts so that you will not three putt on the golf course. I used his information all last summer and reduced my putts by 2 over 9 holes. It really helped my scores.

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