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I am adding this post before the next Wednesday attempt to improve my golf scores.

I was experimenting during the round and I want to give you the results of the good things. We won’t talk about the bad as it may be bad for me only or I may have just screwed it up.

Anyway, I was experimenting w ith

the location of the ball in my stance. Those two tutorials I bought during the week both talked about ball location according to your stance. Here is what I tried and here is my results.

I located the 5, 6 and 7 irons in the middle of my stance. The 8 and 9 irons I placed about a ball behind the middle where I located the mid irons,

I then located the 3 & 4 irons along with my Erection packs. Viagra, Livitra… three metal about a ball ahead of the middle ball location. You can see by the three metal hits that they were spot on and went a long ways. I used my three metal four times, once each on the four par fives and hit each with authority and straight. I was very pleased and I did use the new ball location. Before I was hitting the three metal about the same location as my driver and had mixed results.

I used the three iron and four iron, once each, with the new ball location and I was pleased with the results. So far I am please with the new ball locations in my stance.

I hit numerous 8 and 9 iron shots and hit those fairly well. One nine iron went off course (alignment) before the wind got to it but overall I would say the results were OK. With the wind I did not get to use the wedge very much except for chip shots. That location was completely different. I was pleased overall except for two shots where I realized that I was too fast with the back swing and follow through swing.

Overall, I will positively say that I will continue to use these ball locations. The last one I need to do is the driver ball location. Instead of using my left heal I will try to line the ball up with my heart. That appears to be about the size of a ball back in my stance from my left heal. Closer to the center ball location. I like using the ball locations in the middle of my stance and one ball forward or back according to my club choice.

If there are any questions about these locations, just send me a comment and I will try to reply in a timely manner.

Also, I am using a new ball acai pure sale location and grip for my wedge. It is very helpful and in about six posts I will give you more info about it. I want to play with it more before I reveal anything.

Next Post. Who knows?

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