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Looking for Good Golf Scores

Has anybody seen my good golf scores? – First I want to tell you that most of these events occurred previously and the tails about my current golfing scores have been occurring over the summer. It is October as I post these but the current events happened June, July, August and September of 2010.

If you are just now starting to read my blog I would advise that you go to the beginning Kamagra cheapest and read back up to current 5 mg propecia so that you understand how life got in front of golf and what led to the loss of my golf swing and how I am getting it back.

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If you remember I am on a quest to regain some of my fame as a very good golfer. The big drives are great but I am looking for better golf scores.

It is a quest that started quietly but has gained some speed and I am making a little noise now. I am out hitting almost everyone I play with. I have not played with three guys in the two leagues that are great drivers and pretty good players. So the season is starting to wind down. One league ends it’s season in two more weeks and come to think of it the other league will end it’s season in three weeks.

This past Wednesday, instead of playing in the nine hole pre round, I went and played with some buddies of mine and we played a difficult 18 hole course. But in order to get it in we started at 10:00 am. We did finish the round in 4.5 hours so it was pretty enjoyable. I lost 5 balls and shot a 91.

I had not played with these guys since I started using this old/new driver. We had played many times together in the past and knew each others games pretty well. Since my slip from fame I had only played once or twice with these guys and the group we used to play with.

They saw that I was a hack but said very little about it. Most of them had slipped a little but not nearly as badly as I have. As we played along they were seeing me hit these big drives that were reminders of yester-year. They began commenting about how these drives resembled the pros and their drives.

I was pretty happy with those comment and tried to play good. But as you see, it was a 91. Not terrible but not as good as I wanted.

My biggest problem is two fold. First I do not have good control on where my drives are going to go. I hit them in the fairway most of the time but is it right or left or down the middle, I just don’t know. Second I have many issues with my pitching and overall iron shooting. I don’t know if it is going the distance I expect or short or long or right or left.

Also I have a tendency to dub my irons or hit on top of them or skull them. So when I go to hit the ball it becomes a crap shoot.

My next post will be a design a method to correct those issues to get better golf scores.

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