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Learn How To Swing In Golf With Lessons

This is a new twist on how to swing in golf. Learn how to swing in golf with Lessons

We went golfing yesterday November 8th and it got to 69 degrees. It was great weather and the course was great except that they were using compressed air to blow the water out of the sprinkler systems. They seemed to be following us around the course but that was just coincidental. The noise was tremendous.

I started out a little rocky but finished strong. My first two drives were pushes with a slice. So it was an adventure. It’s a good thing this particular course had wide fairways or I would have lost a couple more balls.

Then I got the drives going and I began to score pars. No birdies or eagles but straight out pars for five out of the last six holes. Pretty good for Nov.9th.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about our adventure in the golf stores over the weekend and Monday after we golfed. We went to the grand opening of a Dick”s Sporting Goods Store about two miles from my house. We went to look around and then to see what type of clubs they had for my wife.

The store was crowded but they had plenty of staff on hand. We finally meandered our way to the golf section and began looking at clubs. We were waited on right away and we inquired about clubs for my wife.

You have to understand, my wife does not make changes very well. She gets comfortable with something and she doesn’t want to make changes. Her golf clubs are older than mine and are about 15 years old. Up until this year she has only played golf about 5 or 6 times a year. We have played 6 times in just the last three weeks. The clubs she has now are very inexpensive and the wear on them is very evident. So I thought it would make a good birthday and Christmas present to give her.

Well we looked at clubs and the ones that kind of stood out to me was the Adams irons. By the way, she does not use her woods but uses her four iron on 80% of her shots. She shoots in the mid fifties for nine with her shots are about 120 to 140 yards with the 4 iron.

I have worked with her very little. She won’t go to take any lessons and wants me to show her but when I make a recommendation she will try it but if it is uncomfortable she will drop it immediately. So I try not to teach her too many things and when I tell her to do something for a particular shot she takes it to do that on all shots. So, I have to be very specific about what I think she should do.

I have used the Simple Golf Swing to reduce her golf swing to have more control but I have not gotten into detailed instructions. I told her we are going to do that this winter and get both of us ready for next season.

So the end result of our visit to Dick’s was that she would think about the clubs. Well in comes Monday and we go golfing. After golf we go to a local chain called Carl’s Golf Land. They have two stores, one about 20 miles north of us and another about 5 miles north of us. We go into the closest store and they have plenty of help there also.

It is about 2:30 pm and there were a few customers in the store. We get some assistance from a nice and knowledgeable sales person. We tell him what we are looking for and he shows my wife the various types of clubs they have including hybrids. He gives her two 5 irons and a 5 hybrid to try. They have a driving range out back that is very spacious, heated, all enclosed except for the front and is really very nice.

He asked me if there was anything I would like to try and I say yes to a hybrid. He gives each of us a bucket of ball (about 20 balls) and we go to the range. My first two hits with the regular flex hybrid go straight right. So I say to myself I should slow down my swing. I do and I hit the next ten straight and out about 180 yards with a 5 hybrid club.

My wife is struggling with the new clubs which seem very heavy to her compared to the ones she uses now. They also seem very long and she has to choke up a lot. She doesn’t like that very much.

There was a guy next to me that was hitting an R11 driver and I asked if I could try his when he got through trying it. He gave it to me and he went back to hitting another driver. I got to tell you, I did not like the R11 at all. So when we went back in after hitting our buckets of balls we told him of our experience.

He gave us some more clubs to try and I also took an Adams driver and a Cleveland 270 driver. I currently have a Cleveland Launcher 460 and just love it to pieces. He also gave me a hybrid with a stiff shaft. Both the Cleveland and Adams driver were 9.5 and 9.0 lofts with stiff shafts.

I began hitting with the hybrid first and like it. I was hitting what appeared to be about 190 yards with the 5 hybrid. Then I began using the drivers. I used the Adams first and hit a couple of good shots and then used the Cleveland and hit the balls much straighter and longer. I then asked the guy that was out there earlier to try the R11 again and still found it lacking.

So the result of the tryout was I like the hybrid’s and I love the Cleveland 270 and my wife said she doesn’t like these clubs as well as she like her’s currently. So we shall hold off buying new clubs until she decides she needs new clubs.

The pricing of the clubs between the two stores was very similar but the advantages to having a driving range is very high at the local chain. Both have experts to fit the clubs but I like the idea of buying fitted clubs to help me learn how to swing in golf to try and get the perfect golf swing.

I am going to contact my buddy to see if he wants to build me clubs for my driver, three metal, five iron and sand wedge. Oh and how much to build a set of irons for my wife. She only needs a 4, 5, 7, 9, and wedge. That is all she uses right now.

I am hoping that I get to play today with the guys but it is raining right now but it is suppose to ease up and quit by noon. So we shall see what happens. I will let you know tomorrow.

See ya. By the way, if you were brought here by a link you might want start with reading my latest post on my home page by clicking on this link for “The Perfect Golf Swing Tips”.

Lou M.


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