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Learn How To Swing In Golf During Practice Round

Let’s learn how to swing in golf during any of our practice rounds.

Yesterday, I was playing the front like I really knew what I was doing. But around the 12th or 13th hole I seemed to lose my follow through on the golf swing and stated pulling the balls left.

My golf cart partner indicated that I was quiting on the shot with my body stopping and my arms continuing through. For the next four holes I continued to pull the ball left on just about every shot and ended up losing three more golf balls. But, on the seventeenth hole I suddenly hit the drive like I knew what I was doing.

The seventeenth hole was in reality the eight hole on the course as we started out on the back nine and finished on the front nine.

The eight hole is a par 5 but it is really short but they put a lot of obstacles in your way to make it hard. There is a sand trap in the middle of the fairway that is out about 240 yards. So if you hit a ball right down the middle you will catch the sand trap.

The hole doglegs to the left so if you do get over the trap, you will end up in a very thick forest. Then if you everything right there are three huge trees about 70 yards out from the green to block any low trajectory shots. There is an opening if you have gone over the trap or run through the trap. You have to be careful though as if you pull or aim a little to far to the  left you could go into the pond that the green hides behind.

Finally, if you pull your second shot there is a thick growth of trees on the left all the way down to the pond. And that gap I talked about in the previous paragraph is only about 15 to 20 yards wide. So the best result is to go over the trees and hope you ball drops down and stops otherwise you will be in the trees behind the green.

Now, there is a bright spot. If you can draw the ball and start it out towards the green and the ball has a little draw or small hook you can miss the trap in the middle of the course and it will run like crazy with the fairway transition from the upper level to a lower level that is about six feet in height.

When we teed off, we were with the wind at our back. I teed off

second and hit the perfect golf shot. It started out going to the trap and it curved, with a nice draw, just enough to get past the trap on the left and then rolled like crazy so that I ended up at the 150 marker on the course.

My second shot ended up two feet off of the green just in front. I would putt for an eagle three but alas I missed but got the birdie. The putt was about 12 feet but I had been making putts all day from 15 feet or more during the round but missed this one.

I took three practice putts after finishing the hole and finally sunk it on the third try but I had to move the putt up to almost a six foot break in order to make it. The break was much larger then I thought, especially for a short putt.

The last hole I hit a similar drive but it hooked a little more and I was looking to hit a straight shot so I started it out in the middle of the fairway but it went behind a row of evergreens guarding the green on the left side. I was almost even with the front of the green. A drive of over 260 yards. I flew over the trees and then landed on the green and two putted for a par.

All in all, I played pretty good and ended up with a 42 – 46 for and 88.

I was going to try to chip with the five metal but never got the opportunity. So I will just have to keep practicing. As part of my practice in the garage, I will put down scenarios  where I will be just off the green and need to chip or when I am practice during a live round I will attempt to use the five metal more.

There was seven of us with three of us in the high eighties, three in the low nineties and one at 75. Even though the temp got to 66, it was cold due to the high wind. That reminds me, I played for the wind on three occasions only to have the ball go straight. With each one of those, I missed the green and had to chip. So it did not take me very long to figure out that the wind was not going to affect a well hit ball move left or right with the wind blowing that way.

Getting long again. No golf today so the guys want to play Monday at another course so I will have a new post on Tuesday for you. Thanks and keep practicing to get better.

Practice with the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt that will help you learn how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. Remember, there is a guarantee with the course which a teaching golf pro will not give you and it is cheaper then going to a pro to learn.

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