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It Is Almost the Perfect Golf Swing

My golf swing is almost the perfect golf swing.

Since I have only been at this golf swing for the last five months, I think it is very close to the perfect golf swing.

My wife and I went golfing yesterday, the weather was less then ideal. It was only 60 degrees, cloudy, damp but not raining and the golf course

was very wet. When we got to the very first hole there was another couple in front of us and she was hitting her second or third shot and they had not reached the 150 mark on a 310 yard hole.

I thought to myself, this is going to be long. Then all of a sudden, a person that was working on the green came back out to the 150 yard mark and stood in the middle of the fairway with his work cart measuring the distance to the green with some type of measuring device.

Of course, me being the nosy type went out to see what he was doing after letting us hit. He was checking for accuracy of the markers on the course. This was not the first hole he had worked on and he was finding the markers were pretty accurate.

The 150 yard marker was actually 152 yards. Like that would make a difference for me or any body else I know. So when I used the markers for the rest of the round, I felt confident they were close enough for me so that I could use them.

Back to the round. We only play nine holes but my wife likes to hit two or more balls. So by the time the round is over, she has played 18 or more holes with approximately 128 strokes. I again was playing a regular round with only one ball except for the very few bad hits.

Like I said the, the course was very wet. Before the week had started, the weather man had shown that we had over 27 inches of rain for the last six months and over 5.5 inches for September. Well this week alone we have had another 1.6 inches of rain and the golf courses are soaking wet.

It is hard to find a spot to hit the ball that is not wet and when you take a divot it is mostly mud. I don’t normally get a lot of roll out of my shots as I hit the ball so high it just sort of plops. The course would have to be very dry to get any roll. And they are not.

On the first hole I had a decent drive that put me about 70 yards from the green but it took me six more shots to get into the hole. Four chips and two putts. Two chili dips, one skull and finally a chip onto the green. Ugh! Of course I blame it on the wet area around the green.

After that first hole I played really well. I ended up with a 44 and had 17 putts. We played 11 holes  and got in a little more practice. The course was virtually empty so we played at our own pace and really had a good time.

My golf swing for my drives is almost perfect and I am now carrying it over into the irons. I am finding that my sand wedge shots from inside of 60 yards is not going where I want it to go unless I aim about 15 yards to the right. I tied to open the club a little more but it went sky high and short so I have to square my club up and aim the ball right. It works.

So, even though I was shooting for score I was still practicing or experimenting. My drives are very good, a little short of my desired distance as are my irons but my three metal is really coming around. I am hitting the three about 230 yards and dead straight.

The irons are getting better and I am more accurate with them but still coming up short. I am using the seven at 145 to 155 but still am not getting on the greens. I tried a six iron once at 155 but it was too wet to get a good shot and it was short also.

I put a lot of short pitches or long chips within 10 feet only to miss the putt and settled for two putts most of the time. I was not able to put it all together so I am just off but I like my golf swing a lot.

I did not play Wednesday with the guys as it was raining again, so I will try to do it next week. The long range forecast says it will be sunny for the beginning of the week, that includes Wednesday.

Again, I have decided, unless you are anal like me, being a better golfer is enough for you. You do not want to be a superstar, all you want is to be competitive with your friends and maybe outscore them and win a few bets and shoot in the 40’s for nine or less than 100 for 18 holes.

Therefore, I am still recommending the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt for the perfect golf swing. It is simple and easy to use and will be easy to get started early next season. So try it . It is risk free and you have time to try it and then if you don’t like it ask for your money back. What else are you going to do this winter?

See ya next week with more info about the perfect golf swing or how to swing in golf like you might be very good.

Lou M.

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  1. Tata@green valley ranch and resort Says:

    I got that book last week and I must say it’s a good book for beginners to learn the perfect golf swing.

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