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Improving with Golf Swing Tips

 Golf swing tips may improve your game

It seems the worse you are the more people feel it is ok to give you golf swing tips. Do they really think it is going to help? I have watched this time and time again and I can honestly tell you that the bad golfers stay bad golfers regardless of how good the golf swing tips are to that golfer.

So why should I be any different? Not only am I going to give you a golf swing tip but I am going to give you three tips and then 10 minutes of terrible golf swings. This are not your average golfers, these are golf swings of very famous professional golfers.

Improving with golf swing tips

If you are trying to lower your score, one of the best ways to do this is by gaining more distance off the tee. When the distance between the ball and the green is shorter, you will have a better chance of shooting par or better.  Of course, accuracy is every bit as important as distance.  Following are several tips that will help you drive longer off the tee:

* Tee the ball higher up and position from the instep of your leading foot, allowing the ball to be hit on the upswing.
* Don’t use all your power to hit the ball. Instead, work on increasing your swing’s speed, using a steady rhythm.
* For the speed of your swing, use the right shaft flex. If your swing speed is lower, choose a flexible shaft.
* Your wrists should cock early on the backswing, un-cocking them on the downswing as late as possible.
* For maximum distance, turn your shoulders to a 90 degree angle.

…More at Improve Your Golf Swing Tips | Golfing Tips For Beginner

Now how about that. This was a very good teaching method to improve your golf swing.

It is time for the video portion of the post.

Golf Swing Tips with Biomechanics

Mike Pedersen of shows you how your left arm should move in the golf swing tips to hit pure golf shots and improve your consistency. A connected left arm in your swing will produce a repeatable golf swing with very few flaws.

Once you get this, you’ll be striking the ball better than you have in years. Learning what your left arm does in your golf takeaway, downswing and through impact will be an eye-opener for you.

If you really want to get the feel of this connected left arm, take a look at this training aid:

Mike is a great person to help you get physically fit so that you can play golf at your very best. I would suggest you get more videos from him and maybe even get his video course to help you get into playing shape.

This next video is about small movements and still hit the ball long

Tour Striker – Swing small – Hit Big

Efficient motion is far better than unwieldy random action. This video will help simplify small movements within a powerful swing. For more coaching information by Martin Chuck, visit!/

I am a big endorser of this idea that a small swing can produce bit hits. I have shorten up my swing a lot to get more control but can still hit the ball pretty good. At the end of the season, my golf swing speed was over 95 mph. Not great but pretty good.

Finally, this video is just for fun.

Crazy Golf Swing Tips

We know all of the golfers they are going to show in this video and you will be amazed at the crazy golf swings that many of our pro golfer have. So watch in amazement.

Well that had to drive you crazy except for Sir Charles Barkley. His swing is crazy and he is not able to change so I guess he is stuck with it.

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