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Important Tip About Golf Swing Instructions

I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techiques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

But, if you want to learn more right now, sign up for my newsletter for my ten part series of learning to golf for next season. It will show you the simple golf swing I have abilify generic equivalent finally found, also how I learned about tempo and rhythm and how to practice during the winter and forever.

You can get all of this with my signup for the Newsletter. Do it now by giving me your first name and primary email address in the box at the right. Thanks and you will not be disatisfied. Now back to the post.
The first thing I did was to buy another series of videos online to teach me how to improve my golf swing.

This is the third series I have purchased and I have gotten a lesson from a teaching pro where I got my putter regripped. So if you think you are going to take a lesson from someone and begin playing a great game of golf right off the bat you are delusional.

What you must do is to find someone that teaches you something you can learn to do. I tried three different types of golf swings and found out an important lesson. Those of us that do not play all the time should learn the simplest golf swing and improve on it. That will make it easy to pick up where we left off and begin again faster.

Of course my swing did not get any better until about 16 weeks into the golf season. What got me better scores right away was putting and chipping. Mostly putting. When I started the season I was three putting many of the greens. On my second round of the year I three putted 7 of 9 greens.

That took my scores from high 40’s to the 50’s real fast.

So, I wanted to learn how to putt first while I was learning a different golf swing. Right away I was two putting and sometimes a one Best online prescription putt and my scores came down real fast. But they did not stay there as I would have two or three holes where I would explode and get double par or three over par.

But that would be ok as my golfing partner would pick me up and I would be good on the other six or seven holes and we would take a lot of points. That was true in both leagues. This kept my average up even while I was improving. I was not sandbagging but it seemed as though I would lose my concentration during the middle holes and it would get me in trouble.

I want to give you my recommendation as to what you need to do first. Right now you could go to your local golf course and practice putting on the practice putting greens. If you do about an hour or two each day and try to do that on the weekend or even three to four days per week you would be surprised to find out how good a putter you become.

This will drop six to ten strokes off of your 18 hole score immediately.

I wrote this post in early September so it will be almost impossible for most of you to practice putting outside. So the next best thing is to practice indoors on the carpet. This is strictly to get tempo and technique for your putting stroke. I will help you with that but it will probably be early January before we get into that.

Next post see what you have to do next.

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