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I Thought I Knew How To Swing In Golf

I really thought I knew how to swing in golf. But…

I do but every now and then I do stupid stuff. For an example, on the very first hole, we teed off into the morning sun this morning and I never saw the ball. The guys told me it right down the middle and way out there.

We found my ball right down the right side and it was only 115 yards from the green. I took out my wedge knowing I was going to be short but I swung a little harder. I never saw the ball and my group never saw the ball.

We looked all over and could not find it. I was charged with a lost ball and had to chip on from 40 yards away for a four and two putted for a six. How in the world could that happen. A similar event occurred on the next hole. A par five and I hit a good drive and secon shot and was left with a 125 yards shot. Hit it good but pulled it slightly next to the green.

I chipped on and two putted for a six. Two sixes in a row.

Then I got to theĀ  fifth and sixth holes. I hate them and don’t like to play them and between the two I was more over par then all the other seven holes. It was just terrible.

When I finally got to the last two holes, I played like I knew what I was doing but the match was over and so was I.

I parred the last two holes and now I am out of town visiting my adult children and have forgotten all about golf.

So, this is a short version of my round of golf that I would prefer to forget. I am having a good time and I am in Chicago and we are going to dinner. So I will talk to you on Tuesday about my golf on Monday.

Have a good weekend as I am going to and I will talk golf on Tuesday.

Thanks and good night.’

Lou M.

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