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I Still Need Golf Swing Help

I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techniques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

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My Post

We Buy Levitra Professional cannot play the back nine as there is still a league playing and they are slow. We have played that first nine in one hour and fifty minutes and we do not want to spend two and a half hours or more playing the second nine.

What to do, well there is only one thing to do and that is to play the front nine again. We are out to play and practice so why not play it again.

We start out and I hit another decent drive and pitch onto the green and two putt for a par four. The second hole is a par three and I pull my eight iron to the left, chip close and one putt for another par. The next hole is a par four and I hit a good drive as do my companions. We are all within twenty yards of one another.

My second shot is an eight iron that I skuff and I pull it left and it goes into the water on the left. I find a ball, take a penalty and chip onto the green and then two putt for a double bogie six. Two over after three.

The next hole is a par five and I almost birdie but I get a par. The fifth hole, I learned my lesson and put my drive more right and end up in the middle of the fairway and it catches the downhill roll and I am within 140 yards. Pull my eight iron out and I skuff this one again.

Do you see what is going on with my eight iron? I end up in the creek but it is dry and I hit out of it. It only goes about half way so I have to chip on and I two putt for double bogie six. One of the rangers brings out another golfer. We are already playing a five some so with her joining us it makes six golfers. But like I said we play fast and they have no problems with us.

I still have the same issues, direction is something I need to concentrate on and when I do it works out well. The pitches to the green are something else. These abbott depakote sales skull shots are killing me and it is something I need to work on.

You also can see that I am scoring better and hit a lot of good shots but still my concentration level is part of what I need to do to keep from dumping the round. If it is not to concentrate hard then it is to find that simple swing that does not take a lot to incorporate and is repeatable without thinking.

I par the next par three and I am now four over par after six holes.

Next post is will it last and will I finally break 40?

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