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I still Don’t know How to Swing in Golf

Based on my current history, I still don’t know how to swing in golf. I am still trying to kill the ball for that extra twenty or thirty yards.

That brings me back to my driver in golf.

To help you remember what happened, I will refresh every so briefly. I broke the shaft on my driver and took it to a well know national golf store chain. I expected more from the staff as far as determining the proper shaft to use. But I got something less.

Well, I have had it back for almost two weeks. I have played a total of 27 holes with it and this is what I think. The shaft is good not great, I have lost about 5% of the distance I had with the old shaft and I have consistency issues. I do not think the shaft is the cause of my consistency problems but I am sure it is the shaft which causes me to be about 15 to 20 yards shorter on my drives, which then causes me to swing harder and then bad things happen.

All in all I like the new set up and cannot complain too much. But if this would have been this combination when I tried the club I would not have bought it. It is not the same and I really don’t like it, so I will save up my money and get one over the winter that will be more to my liking.

My first of my golf tips is don’t break your driver in any way shape or form if you like the way you hit the ball. And secondly, when you go to get a new driver, try it out first if you are going to buy it off the rack and I mean try it out on the golf course. Hitting a few balls on the range does not a try out make. Even if you have a club made, make sure you have an agreement with the pro that you will take it only after you have tried it on the course.

Next, the third of my golf tips is to make the golf swing more gentile. We are looking for speed not force and even though you think you need to hit the ball harder, what you really need is to hit the ball faster. What is the differenc

e? There have been whole books written on the difference and how to do it so I am not even going to attempt to explain the difference.

I will say this much, you must not try to hit with your arms as you cannot reach terminal velocity by swinging with your arms. The real secret to how to swing in golf so you can hit the long ball is to move your lower body first leading the upper body with your right elbow tucked in next to your body and have the right and left wrists cocked until you reach the right leg approximately and then uncock the wrist to improve golf swing speed at impact.

That was a very long sentence but I am sure you get the gist of the statement.

How about that. You got three golf tips today to help you get a better golf swing but surely not the perfect golf swing. I have showed you during the winter and summer that I am trying to learn a very complex golf swing to help make me more consistent. I really should have used the Simple Golf Swing as it is just that a simple golf swing. Maybe over the winter I will switch over to the simple.

Whatever the price is you should get the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt as it really is the simple way to improve your golf scores. It will be cheaper than going to a golf pro and you will get a better way to swing the golf club. Over the years I have been to a number of different pros and I have been taught the same number of different ways to swing a golf club.

Learn one and stick to it and because it is so simple Dave’s method is the best.

Let me say this about Revolution Golf with Paul Wilson, I like it and if I were younger and wanted to really get to be a scratch golfer or similar, I would use Paul’s method to learn how to swing in golf. That is what I know now, but like I said I may switch over the winter. I have not made up my mind yet.

So you got three golf tips from me today. I hope it they will help.

Tomorrow is 18 holes of two man scrambles, so we shall see what happens. Oh and a banquet after. The last day of my Thursday league. The Monday after Labor day will be my last on the Monday league with a four man scrambles and dinner/banquet.

So see ya sometime after golf tomorrow.

Lou M.

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