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I Have Learned How To Swing In Golf

I finally realized that I do know how to swing in golf. I just have to get rid of the crazy notions of swinging like I used to do back in the day.

It is amazing that I sometimes cannot remember how to swing a golf club properly but I can remember how to swing in golf badly.

After my round on Monday, my wife and I went out on Tuesday. For her it was a day out and for me it was a day to practice. I was intent on using two or more golf balls to practice with but most of the time I could not improve on the golf shot so why bother.

If I would have just gone out and played and recorded our golf scores, I would have had a golf score right around 40, that is how close I was to the perfect golf swing.

My driver for golf with the new shaft is not quite as good as the original. I hit it about 5% less in distance then the original shaft and it is a little more irratic as far as location. I notice it seems to go left a little more than it used to so I will try and aim more right or will I.

The three metal I am using now seems to go about 85% of what my old club used to do and it goes left also.

Now I have two choices. I can aim right or open the club face a little to compensate for the left hand shot.

I won’t have time to go to the range today but I think I will go about 40 minutes early tomorrow and hit some balls on the range before golf.

I am also trying to understand the reason for the balls going left. Both clubs are slightly closed just like my old versions so it could be one of two things that are causing me to go left. Either the new shafts are not as whippy as my old shafts or my swing is a little slower and causing the clubs to be closed when they strike the ball.

I am thinking I am swinging the clubs slower as I have lost distance with all of my clubs. The Revolution Golf Swing by Paul Wilson and the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt both create slower golf swings. Both rely on your ability to whip the ball during the final portion of the swing to make up for the slower but in control golf swing.

Both have a point “A” and a point “B” which is not any where near the ball. But they both expect you to cock your wrist and then uncock it just at the bottom of the swing which is not point “B”. I want you to understand, this is a very important point.

The new direction of the new golf swings are to swing from top of back swing to top of forward swing without thinking about the ball. But they are both providing a smooth controlled golf swing to teach you how to swing in golf. Then to help you compensate for the lost distance they want you to do an unnatural thing at the point of impact and that is to whip the club through impact by first cocking your wrist and then unloading or uncocking it at impact to provide more speed.

For “hacks”, it is not necessary to do this cocking and uncocking as they have never hit the ball so straight or far in the fairway, so it seems perfectly ok to do these swings but if you are a decent golfer and want more then you will notice the lost distance and have to use the “secret weapon”. That is to cock your wrist at or near the top of the back swing and all ¬†during the down swing or forward swing to leave it cocked until you reach your right leg or just near the bottom of the golf ¬†swing and uncock your wrist to provide extra speed.

This unnatural act causes issues. The most important issue is timing. If you do not uncock your wrist at the same time every time you will be irratic and the ball will go many different places So that is something you need to practice a lot or just go without it and club down to compensate for lost distances.

But think about this. I used to hit 250 yard drives on average, now I hit 235 yard drives on average. I used to be about 150 yards away from the hole which I used to use an 8 iron but now I hit a 7 iron. If I hit a drive of 235 yards or less, I will be 165 yards away and that used to be a 7 iron but now I hit a 6 iron or if I am 175 to 185 yards away I need to hit a 5 iron. A big difference. Where I used to hit an 8 iron I could be hitting a 5 iron now. So you see why my scoring is off as I am having to use different clubs then I am used to, all around the course.

So, those are the things you need to think about. But the major benefit is that you are more accurate and will hit more fairways and greens when you have learned how to swing in golf with the new golf swing.

I will see ya tomorrow after golf. It is our final playing for score so it will be fun. Me and my partner are in 5th place and I suppose we could get to fourth if we score a lot of points but I would be just as happy to keep fifth. So see ya then.

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