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I am Still Learning How to Swing in Golf

In spite of all of my experimentation to have the perfect golf swing, I am still learning how to swing in golf.

With the holiday weekend and all of the festivities, not a lot of golf was played. Although my wife and I went to the driving range on Labor Day Monday and hit a couple of buckets of golf balls (about 140 balls).

I practiced with just my irons. All of a sudden I am hitting my irons like I am shanking them. Or like I am lazy and am leaving the club face wide open and the balls are going to the right.

So, I took out my driver at the range and swung that grooved swing of my driver. Then I immediately took out my seven iron and tried to swing the same way and sure enough, it went right.

So I decided to try something else. I closed the club face almost 30 degrees and found the ball going left. Not dramatically but still left. That is the great thing about the driving ranges, you can experiment and try new things.

I then started opening the club face until I hit the ball straight. I also moved the ball a little forward in my stance.

These combinations enabled me to hit ball after ball straight as an arrow. The end result is that I place my balls forward of center by one and a half balls, the club face is closed by about 15 degrees and the ball goes straight down the middle.

So, on Tuesday we went to my local golf course to play. During all of this my wife was hitting good hits and bad hits, so she was very concerned and I could not find the cause for these erratic shots.

As we started, at the golf course I found I had concentrated on my irons so much I did not start out driving very well. When I got to the third hole and my second drive, I finally used my set up I was using on last Thursday.

The following is my how to swing in golf routine I use to set up my golf swing. I grab the club with both hands and set my thumbs so that they line up with the mark for the center of the shaft. Then I take both thumbs and move them to my swing position with the left thumb at one o’clock and the right thumb at 11 o’clock.

I loosen my grip with both hands but I take my fingers on the right hand and move them to the bottom of the grip until they are almost off the club and the club grip is touching the last crease on my fingers. Using this grip allows me the ability to start my take away and the club follows while I am moving toward my back swing.

With the really loose grip, I can generate a lot of club head speed with my perfect golf swing. This gives me about 20 to 30 yards more distance using a very slow swing. And, I hit the ball in the fairway almost every time. This golf course is more mature then the course I play on Thursday’s.

In other words, there are more trees and a narrower golf course and smaller fairways. So I was within five yards of the fairway if I was not in the fairway. Still pretty good I thought. I hit my three metal on the two par fives and found them to go slightly left. So I have to aim slightly right to get it in the middle. That club is very consistent. I hit it pretty good and I am getting about 230 yards out of it.

The irons were much better and I felt comfortable using the closed club face. Even using it on the first par three that is 197 yards. I hit the three iron and was right down the middle and just short by five feet. I putted up and had a tap in for the par.

We pretty much had the course to ourselves. Being the Tuesday after labor day and the temp was only about 60 degrees, there was no one on the course. So we played more than one ball when we wanted, chipped around the green and putted using four or five balls on the greens.

Of the seven holes that I used my driver for golf on I hit two maybe three drives. Each swing I would try something different and would find one ball left and one ball right and maybe the third one somewhere else. When you do that though, you find that your routine may go out the window.

Overall, it was a pretty successful outing. My wife found she was standing too far away from the ball and moved a little closer and began hitting the ball great. So she wants to go out again, real soon. But it looks as though the storm from “Lee” and the hurricane out in the Atlantic are going to combine to give us rain for the next two to four days.

So my next post will be more golf tips to teach you how to swing in golf to get you closer to the perfect golf swing.

By the way, it was our wedding anniversary so we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant to finish off a great day.

Remember, I am still recommending the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt if you want a nice easy golf swing that will help you drive the ball right down the middle time after time. The golf swing is repeatable and easy to use. Try it, you’ll like it.

See ya tomorrow with more golf tips.

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