I Am Getting Better With My Golf Swing

By | December 9, 2010

I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techniques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

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Now back to the post.

Well, I get to tee off first and I hit the crap out of the ball and it goes right down the middle. I hit it a little off center so I don’t get full affect of the sweet spot. I am about 40 yards out but that means I still hit a 245 yard drive right down the middle. Pretty good!

I get up there and go to pitch onto the green and I skull the pitch with my wedge and go over the green. I am getting killed by these skull shots. Last week I hit five of them and it cost me dearly. Same thing with almost all of the greens, they are pitched from back to front severely and the pin is on the front section of the green.

Well, I chip onto the green and it rolls off the front. I have to chip back on and I get two putts for a double bogie six. I am five over par or 41 and I break 90 with an 88. I am pretty happy with my 41 and the 88. Both very good scores.

So here I am, about 24 weeks into the season opener and I am now able to shoot in the low 40′s. I did that last week and again this week. On the front nine if I had hit that chip shot good and only been one over par for both those holes I would have had a 43 on the front.

That is how I felt I played and the other guys were impressed with my round. So, I think I have done pretty good for the summer of get my golf swing back. Actually, I have been working on my golf swing for about eight weeks right now. I got the videos in May and started working with the chipping putting only after I opened with those terrible rounds of 52 and 54.

I began working on my swing about mid August after I got the new driver. I was playing more and wanted to get better so I have been actively trying to improve for about eight weeks. So to go from high forties and low fifties to low forties in that little time is pretty good.

I am working to do even better for the start of next season. I hope to be in the very low forties and high thirties by May or June worst case. So if you want more just keep watching and I will show you how to get there with the winter isolation.

I will be playing for another four or five weeks so I will get to be a steady 44 or better for the end of golf.

If you noticed during this round I abilify 40 mg had only one, one putt green. So that will be a priority is to get my chipping and putting better for the next season.

So these are the things I need to work on for the last few weeks; I need to learn to control my swing on the drives, I need to find a way to chip better and I need to putt better. These require a new method or technique that I will work on for this season.

Here is a golf swing tip for sand traps;

Next post will be a review of what I have done to get better.

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