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How to Swing in Golf With Winter Gear On

Couldn’t learn how to swing in golf with winter gear on.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in shorts and a light shirt and wanted to get cooler but not yesterday.

The weather did not like us out on the golf course. It was 52 degrees, cloudy, rainy and windy. All the things a golf nut just loves. But there was seven of us out there and when we got there, the parking lot was half full. A far cry from last week when there was just five cars in the lot as I drove in.

The first five holes we played as a six-some as the seventh guy had not shown up. He caught up with us at the end of the fifth hole and we split up. A three-some went on ahead and our foursome went after. For the first five holes I was eight over par and had lost four balls. For the last four holes on the front nine I was one over par and no lost balls.

I shot a 45 for the front and we stopped for some hot chocolate and Bailey’s for me the others got coffee and the B. I forgot to get anything to eat but I survived with the hot drink. I started the back nine with a par, bogie and then a water ball on eleven. I was too far back and could not make it over the pond, even though I hit a good three metal, the distance was just too far. The pond is about 200 yards long and I was about forty yards short. I was aiming straight out as I have been pulling this three metal but I hit it straight and it went in.

I ended up with a seven on eleven.

A bogie on twelve, a bogie on thirteen a par on fourteen and fifteen. Then I was two over for the final three holes and got a 42. We played the last eleven holes in the rain which was a light drizzle with periods of heavy drizzle.

My windbreaker/rain coat came in handy and kept me dry. But I had four layers on which did not lend itself to a good swing, so I am quite pleased with my effort.

I forgot, the course was saturated and we had to stay on the cart paths. So if you hit the ball away from the path, you had a long walk with two or three clubs in your hands. I have bad ankles from years of sports and find walking in soft grass and mud hard and my ankles were killing me last night and this morning.

We have had eight days out of nine with rain, so everything is wet. The fairways have no roll and you are lucky if you are not plugged. Of course we play winter rules where we roll the balls but when the ground is saturated it is not very easy to get a clean hit and the greens have been aerated. That means it is not that much fun playing in these conditions but they don’t charge us a lot so it is tolerable.

I got nothing more to give this week so I am signing out until next week. I will publish a post on Tuesday as we are suppose to go through a dry spell and Monday they are predicting sun and 55 degrees. We will probably play on Monday and I will tell you about it on Tuesday about how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing.

Have a great weekend and see ya then.

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Lou M.

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