How to Swing in Golf When Practicing

By | October 12, 2011

Here is a question that I beat you have but was afraid to ask. How  to swing in golf when you practice.

So far this week I have played on Monday and Tuesday. We were concerned that if we waited until Thursday or Friday it would be raining and near freezing, so we decided to play. I found another new golf pro online who won the long drive championships for two different divisions on the same night while competing in all three on the same night.

His average drive was 370 yards and he had averaged 84% of his drives in play. The field is only 50 yards wide and if he is off by only 2 degrees he would be out of play. The average pro on the tour only averages about 67% of fairways hit during a tournament.

Anyway he has a series of dvds that he is selling that will teach you how to be the longest driver among your group or any others you may be playing with or against. He has a free 8 video series that shows you what is wrong in the way others teach your or me how to hit a ball.

Well, on Monday, I had seen one of his videos before going to the course and I play two balls to just practice. I was hitting the ball great and had an average of 43 with the two balls. On Tuesday, I had seen two more of his videos and when I went to the course I was swinging a little faster and could not put the ball in the fairway unless I slowed down my golf swing.

Again, I had my drivers shaft replaced because I broke it and I think they gave me a shaft that is not stiff enough. Every time I go to hit for more distance, it sails right. Which tells me that the club head is being left behind and open. When I slow the swing down the ball goes straight down the middle.

So my choices are clear, either I go back and get a better shaft (more stiff) or go for a new driver with all of the proper equipment included. That is another $300-400, plus I need to get a new three metal and five iron. I will have to make up my mind pretty soon or I will be destined to hitting shorter drives then I like.

So to reiterate the golf tip I gave you about three weeks ago, make sure you get the right stuff for your golf swing before you buy. Whether you are having a repair made or getting custom made clubs, get it fitted properly.

I cannot count my golf score on Tuesday as I was hitting two shots but playing the best ball, just like I would if I were playing a scrambles. Also it is hard to putt properly with the courses plugging the greens. So I just try to do the best I can and make do. Still I only three putted twice out of both days and think I am getting better and better at putting and chipping.

So, I have been enjoying the extra time on the course with my wife and today I will play with the guys. It is supposed to get chilly by the end of the week and over the weekend. Highs in the 50′s. Hopefully, it will not rain today and we can get the round in. Last week we played 18 in less than 4 hours with four guys. I like playing fast like that.

The weather over the last four or five days has been spectacular with lots of blue sky and very few clouds. The temps have been in the mid to high 70′s with very little wind. Just great weather.

Well, that is the end for me. See ya tomorrow with my results. Oh, I forgot to mention what this long driving pro suggested about the take away. Instead of just using your body to rotate your arms, he wants you to take the club back with our arms in a straight line and then bring it up. Then he wants us to drop our right elbow down to get it close to our rib cage and to  set up the forward swing.

I like it but like I said, it kills me with my driver with the wrong shaft. I use it with my irons and it is helping me hit the ball better. I still have to club down to get the distance required but that is ok.  It appears to be decent but I am not going to recommend him yet until I have more data.

In the mean time, I still favor the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt for the average golfer to improve his/her golf swing. You will be much better off with this golf lesson in your quest for the perfect golf swing or to learn how to swing in golf to improve your golf scores.

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