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How To Swing in Golf to get Your perfect Golf Swing

How to swing in golf to get your perfect golf swing – Perfect golf swing


Your perfect golf swing

How to swing in golf to get your perfect golf swing is what your biggest question has been.

You are pulling the ball to the left or you are still slicing the ball right. You want to know how to stop doing that and start hitting the ball straight. Well, you can take lessons with the simple golf swing or you can hope that I will provide you with practice information to help get your best golf swing.

I have that problem every now and then and I have to step back a moment to stop doing that. Also, I have learned how to maximize my swing to get the most distance out of my golf swing. Or as I like to say, “Your perfect golf swing“.

The one handed perfect golf swing

Watching perfect golf swing videos over the week end to look for help, I came across a great video that will help you swing the club straight to stop pulling or slicing or even quitting on the swing after impact. It is the one handed golf swing. It is only partially a one handed golf swing.

This is how you use it. You set up with your normal golf stance. Start with your normal back swing and go through the transition point for your normal forward swing. When you get to the impact point, you let go of the golf club with your right hand and continue the swing with your left hand only. You will continue the swing through the follow through to the finish of your swing. Make it opposite if you are left handed.

Do the one handed golf swing until you think you have mastered it and then put down a ball and try the one handed golf swing with a ball. After you have hit the ball, go back to practicing the one handed golf swing without the ball. Do the practice swing about 10 times and on the eleventh golf swing use a golf ball.

You will continue doing this until you have the perfect golf swing. Every twentieth time do a regular two handed golf swing to assure yourself that you are doing your perfect golf swing.

This is also used for those of you that quit on the swing after impact with the ball. Your swing stops before it gets to parallel to the ground with no follow through. You will never get your perfect golf swing with that type of golf swing.

How to get Max distance for your perfect golf swing

You have the almost perfect golf swing for you. You hit the ball straight down the fairway with the ball going straight or a slight draw or slight fade that you made happen with your golf swing. But, the ball only goes about 230 to 250 yards. Pretty good but not what you signed up for. Your golf scores are the best of your life and you are hitting more greens in regulation then ever before but the long par fours and par fives you are not hitting in two. You have to chip to get close to have a chance for a one putt.

Your perfect golf swing is really pretty good and you should not complain but it is much more fun when you are the big dog. What would be good for you? Another 20 or 30 yards? That is very possible. Let’s see what you need to do.

Take a couple of practice swings and watch your arms. You will find that you are going more inside out with a little out and more inside inside. This has helped you to become more accurate. You notice that your left arm is bent ever so slightly and as a result you have take some speed off of the swing. Still a really good swing but not the perfect golf swing you really wanted.

So what do you need to do to get that extra speed for the distance you want. Obviously you need to swing a little faster. How do you do that and maintain you accuracy. The obvious answer is that you need to keep your arms straight and not bend them and you will be able to get a little more speed. Typically, to hit a ball about 240 yards your golf swing will travel at 95 to 97 mph. To get to 270 or more you need to swing at about 98 to 100 mph. These are all approximate figures as each swing will be slightly different.

So how do we get your swing a little faster? Just stay behind the ball on the impact area so that you have straight arms. With the arms being straight you will acheive greater speed and with that swing you could rotate your body just a little more to get even more speed out of your perfect golf swing.

How to do what is required for the perfect golf swing

Now you have the perfect golf swing. To practice, take the normal golf swing but at slow motion to see what occurs with staying behind the ball at impact. You should do this all the time when you develop a hitch in your swing. Just s;low the swing down to slow motion and watch the movie progress through your perfect golf swing. You should also do this with the perfect golf swing so that you have a comparison for the good, the bad and the ugly golf swing.

Finally, put your tee into the ground so that the ball is half way above your driver. Take the ball away and set up a bunch more tees so that you can practice your swing. The process here is to try and break the tees. Or more realistically to drive the tees forward. When you have hit all of your tees forward then you can try a ball. You will hit the ball straighter and longer and you will hit the ball on the sweet spot. This will give you the perfect golf swing with the great distance and accuracy you desire.

Using these two practice techniques as well as trying to break the tees will provide you with how to swing in golf to get the prefect golf swing.

Good luck and see ya next week.


Lou M.

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