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How to Swing in Golf Tips

This post is about how to swing in golf tips. For more how to swing in golf articles/posts go to my home page by clicking on the high-lighted link. Now on with the post.

This is the time of year when you should be putting the old golf clubs away for the winter unless you are lucky enough to be in an area where it is just becoming summer or the winters are mild.

I have spent the summer getting my garage ready for me to practice during the winter. I expect after the holidays to be able to play a round of golf about four to five days a week. I have score cards from the three courses that I play during the summer months the most.

I have a good knowledge base on where my shot usually ends up when I hit good or bad. I don’t plan on practicing bad shots but I will practice my typical shot right now and work on all aspects on my shots.

I will shoot around 90 for the first few weeks and then get progressively better until I am shooting golf scores in the high 70’s just in time for the season to begin.

Now, I mention putting the clubs away. Obviously, I am not putting my clubs away but I am going to practice all winter. I will have about 450 golf swings per week. So when the season begins I will have swung the clubs about 6500 times.

If you like my idea then you should be using your clubs also. I don’t plan on hitting a single ball but just make the perfect golf swing. That means I will be learning how to swing in golf to obtain the perfect golf swing.

There is still time to get your clubs re-shafted and that will be the second golf tip. Because, golf grips are a lot like womens clothes, size does not matter as they are all different, you will have to try them out.

The proper grip size, unless you have arthritus or other ailments then you should get a grip that fits you right. How to determine the right fit. Close you hand on the golf grip with your swing grip. Your fingers should not touch your palm pad but there should only be a very small gap between your fingers and the palm pad.

If the gap is too small or they are touching then the grip is too small. When the grip is too small then it will cause you to turn over the club and create a pull or hook. If the gap between the finger tips and the palm pad is too big then it will not allow you to turn over the club and you will leave the club face open causing a slice or push.

So the golf grip is very important to your attempt to get the perfect golf swing. Only change the grips on the clubs you use the most, driver, seven iron, nine iron, wedge, putter, etc if money is funny. You get the idea. But if you can afford to do them all it is probably time, so go ahead and do them all and get the right fit.

By the way, I have not played a round of golf since November 16, 2011. It is now in the 30’s almost every day. The Friday after Thanksgiving was 60 and I wish I had my clubs with me but alas I did not. It was a travel day as I went to have Thanksgiving with my adult children.

So I will be on the look out for any days that are warm to try and get out but I expect those times to far between. I am going to practice my golf swing and try to teach my wife how to swing in golf like the golf pro I have selected. If it works out I will let you know so that you can use it also. Right now I am going to teach her using the Simple Golf Swing by the golf guru David Nevogt to see how that goes.

If my wife gets the hang of it, you should be able to also. So if you want to get an early start, buy your self a holiday gift and begin practicing with me after the first of the year or earlier if you want.

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