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How to Swing in Golf is Hard

How to swing in golf is very hard. It is something you need to practice at all the time.

Even though I am playing two to four times a week, I am still having problems with my golf swing. Don’t get me wrong, my golf swing is very smooth and I get a lot of comments about my golf swing. Almost to a man, they wish their golf swing was like mine.

But, until I got my driver back I was suffering. The swing looked ok but I was having problems hitting the ball as I was swinging too fast and it was throwing me of balance. Last Thursday I had one of my worst rounds in quite a while but yesterday was completely different. For one thing I have gotten my confidence back with getting my driver for golf back.

My first drive Monday was good but about 50 yards short of my usual drive. Luckily my partner was not. We started out with a par and continued that way except for the third hole. Had a tremendous drive and was left with a 90 yard shot to the green. He dubbed, chili dipped, stubbed his second shot and all he talked about was that he was short and had the wrong club.

Well, I took his cue and instead of hitting a three quarter shot I hit a full shot and put it over the green. It went into the junk behind and will not be seen again until the winter clearing. So we had to chip again from his shot and this time we did much better but we still had a putt of 20 feet. We two putted for a bogie four.

On the fourth hole we both had good drives, mine was on the left about 250 away and his was on the right at the 200 yard marker. I used a two iron and put it on the green and we were putting for an eagle. Just missed and got a birdie. We are even par after four.

The next three holes we were putting for birdie but they were long putts and got pars. Then comes number eight and I hit a drive on this par five that left us about 175 from the green. It is a short par five with a lot of junk in the way that makes it a hard par five and would be an impossible par four.

I have had three birdies and two eagles on this hole though so I am liking this hole. I use a four iron and put it below the green about 15 feet from the green and the pin is at the back. I chip on and put it 4 feet from the pin , putt it  in for a birdie. We are now one under par and that is the way we stayed. We finished without any sun and it was dark and cooling down fast.

The end result was a one under 35 for nine holes. Pretty good and more importantly I hit a lot of good shots.

The driver feels good but I am 10 to 20 yards short of my pre-broken shaft average but longer by 20 to 30 yards then my loaner driver. That means I am not trying to over swing. I tried one time and pulled it left big time. The ball was in the woods but I had a clear shot but luckily my partner out drove me.

My putting continues to be good but we spent most of our time putting for birdies from 20 or more feet. Because of my practice at lag putting, all of our putts were close enough for gimmies or tap ins. So I was happy and my partner was happy.

We have one more week of our two man scrambles and then on the last week it will be a four man scrambles. I am going to end up in fourth or fifth place out our 32 golfers. Some of the new guys are doing what I did last year and take second, third and fourth or fifth.

I want to share this with you as an excuse as to why I am not doing as well as last year. Some of these new golfers began the season with 4 to 8 rounds of golf under their belt and were in prime shape for golf. For me it was my first day of play, so I was behind the eight ball to begin with AND I was trying a brand new golf swing.

As a result, they had a big lead on me and I have been playing catch-up ever since. At one point I was number 8 so I have made up 3 or 4 places since then.

So, even though I did a lot of hacking and whacking, I still found ways to score decently and be among the top golfers in the league. In my Thursday league, I am teamed up with a golfer that has not played for 15 years, I had never met and I am basically teaching him how to play again.

So I am using the simple golf swing technique,  He was shooting in the sixties for the first half as we were getting to know each other and is now in the low fifties. We are in fifth place there also out of 16 teams. I am pretty happy with that also.

So that is a wrap and I will provide you with more golf tips on how to swing in golf.

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