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How to Swing in Golf In The Wind

If you know how to swing in golf in the wind please let me know.

I would rather play in the rain then in the wind. Yesterday we had 20 to 30 mph winds but the temp was relatively mild. By mild I mean around 60 at tee-off and around 63 by the time we were done.

This was another practice round with my wife, which I am getting to enjoy a lot. It is fun to watch her progress and get better but I think she has gone as far as she can without taking lessons. That will be my project this winter is to teach her the Simple Golf Swing.

She would be perfect for it as she already is using a shortened back swing. I think that is a great idea. If she can learn and perform the simple golf swing then just about anyone can.

Anyway, back to playing in the wind. The wind was blowing hard out of the southwest. The golf course I played yesterday was mostly north/south holes. That meant if you got the ball up into the wind it would sail right or left and in most instances you would be against or with the wind.

I had about three good drives and the rest were not. One par three is 191 yards into the wind. I pulled out my 2 iron and swung as hard as I could

and it was thirty yards short and right. I chipped on and two putted for a four. The second par three was 165 yards with the wind. I hit the green with a six iron and two putted for a par.

Now to remind you, I was just practicing and hit many golf balls. In fact I lost three golf balls in the nine holes I played. I lost two on one hole. I hit a drive towards the right and the wind got it and pushed it into the woods. I never did find it. The second drive, I pulled it left and it went into the wet lands and the wind just made it worse. So I lost two balls on two drives on one hole.

Another ball I lost, I hit the ball with my driver but never saw it and with all the leaves around I could not find it. But I don’t know if it went left or right. So I only spent around three to four minutes looking for it and gave up.

I am hitting my irons pretty consistently and only need to adjust my distance with each club. I hit an 8 iron to the green and it was short so I pulled out my 7 iron and hit the same shot but was only 10 yards difference. I thought I hit each one with the same golf swing but they were sure very close.

Maybe that is one of those instances where the angle of the loft is only two or three degrees difference.

The reason for my hitting the irons so much better is the grip and the back swing. I have a very neutral grip and the back swing I pull the clubs straight back and then into the forward swing with the elbow being tucked into my side and my hips leading the way. I am really consistent.

My two best drives were on back to back holes and I pared each hole. No second shots as the shots were very good. Then the par three followed that I pared and then the eight hole where I lost two balls and then the ninth where I pulled the ball out of bounds and got a six with the penalty and loss of distance.

To add to my problems, I was using a different driver to see if I could play a little better but it is the same as mine. The shaft is not a stiff for long drivers. So I must baby the swing to get a good drive. I should learn how to do that anyway. When I baby the drive it goes perfectly straight and down the middle but only about 230 yards. That leaves me with a 155 to 165 yards from the green normally. That is a six or seven iron, which I seem to hit pretty good. I guess it is because of lots of practice.

So, I will continue to play for fun try to learn how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. The weather is suppose to be really bad on Wednesday and Thursday, so I will probably not play. So we shall see. If I don’t, I will provide you with golf swing tips for you to practice.

See ya on Thursday with more.

Lou M.

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