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Golf Tips You’ll Never Hear

Golf Tips You’ll Never Hear

I was going to provide a snippet of an article about golf tips to help your game but after reading one I got mad. Why you ask? Well it was the same old garbage you get from people that don’t know what they are talking about.

If you have been in a golf league you will understand what I am talking about.

The article was about improving your golf swing. It had to be an article for good golfers who are already part of the chorus as the bad golfers would never do it. Get to the golf course early and go to the driving range to get warmed up for your round. DUH!

What’s wrong with warming up?

Golf leagues are comprised of many golfers. Some who are responsible, some who are not. Some who are business men or women some who are not. Some who have busy jobs, some who do not. You get the idea. We are a hoge poge of different people.

Some golfers get to where ever they need to be early while others leave when they are suppose to be somewhere. But always it is the same thing, you always have to wait for people at the golf course.

If you are scheduled to go off first you know it won’t happen because Joe Late to Show is in your foursome. So you know he will be here at the last minute and you will tee off late. I know because I have been in both shoes.

There were times when my practice swing was my golf swing. You just get your golf shoes on and it is your turn to hit, so you get up there with the ball teed up and hit the ball hoping it will end up in play. Or you have been on the other side and you went to the range when you got there and hit a small bucket of balls but that was 45 minutes ago and you are no longer warmed up. So, you hit the ball for the first time also.

What Can You Do?

I suppose you can look at the schedule to see who is playing in your group or… you know there really isn’t anything you can do. You can warm up by doing exercises before you golf to limber up the muscles and practice your swings just before you tee off but that is about it. Of course you will want to practice putting also to get the touch or feel of the greens.

Out of all the leagues I have played there has been only one person I know that has done this, he gets out to the front of the tee with three balls and hits those balls with a seven iron. Then he is ready to go. Now I don’t advocate doing that as you can just imagine the chaos with four guys hitting three balls with a seven iron to practice before beginning the round.

Is that true for every round?

But if you are going golfing with a group of guys that you know are dependable all bets are off. You should be able to do all of the things that you are suppose to do to get limbered up. Go to the range and hit or share a bucket with a companion. Then go to the practice green and putt and then get to the tee for your tee off.

BUT STILL, there is someone somewhere that will be running late and screws up everything. In the early years, I used to golf with 12 guys every Sunday morning with our first tee off time at around 6:00 or 6:30 am and always someone was running late or would not show at all. Sunday morning follows Saturday night which as we all know is raise hell night and some did it too well and had trouble getting up Sunday morning.

There were a few instance where a guy would just stay up and not go to bed but you know what the result of that was. He paid out as he was no wheres near his usual score.

So what to do?

So what to do? Well just sit back an relax and understand that Murphy’s Law is still valid and sh.. happens.

Or do what you can to get loosened up and prepared to golf and don’t worry about other people as you have no control over other people. I have played some of my best golf golfing with a high handicap player. Why? Not sure but I have had sub par (34) rounds playing with a guy that shot a 54 for nine holes.

So my golf tips is an easy one. Just golf for your self and relax. If you are a bad golfer, get your lessons outside of the golf round and practice outside of the league play. A good golfer knows better and may try a different golf swing or attempt a difficult shot not done before but that will not hold you up. Just go with the flow.

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