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Golf Tips Women Golf Club Speed

This golf tips article is about the golf club speed of women whether they be average women golfers or professional women golfers.

What’s the big deal right? That’s what I say yet there is a difference.

Look it, women are short and squat and lean and tall just like men. They have muscles like us yet muscles are not what control club head speed. The people who are trying to make money off of us by showing us how to get 25 mph more club head speed or even 25 yards tell us it is speed that kills not brute force so why the difference.

In bowling, women can compete on an equal footing. Both the pros and the average bowlers are equal but you see more men pros and you see the men in mixed leagues with all of the higher averages. I know men spend more of their life in sports trying to get better but women are competitive also.

But let’s get back to golf.

All of the gurus say to get more distance is to acquire more club head speed. They go to great lengths to explain how to do that but still there are no women who can hit the ball over 400 yards yet there are plenty of men that can do that.

What I want to know is are we being feed a bunch of crap?

Does it take more then just speed? Does it take muscles too.

Look I am not trying to knock women, I am trying to find out what it takes to hit the ball long. Can men hit the ball longer because they are taller which equals more club head speed. I am thinking that may be the big difference. I have just spent the last hour looking up statistics about LPGA vs. PGA and there is a significant height advantage for the men.

Let’s start with the men. It is hard to find a PGA pro under 5’10”. There are a few exceptions but there are a few around 5’8″. The players in the PGA who are in the top 10 for driving average are all over 5’11” with the tallest at 6’2″. They are hitting the ball over 300 yards and as a matter of fact you have to go to position #76 to find an average drive under 290 yards.

On the other hand the LPGA women are fairly small compared to the monsters of the midway. The women average about 5’6″ in height among the general professional population, The long ball hitters are fairly tall also with the number one longest hitter is 6’1″ and averages 282 yards per drive. The women are half and half with the top 10 drivers are about half at 6′ and the other half at 5’6″.

So it appears that being taller does have an advantage in golf, They are able to generate more club head speed with their taller physique. But still there is about a 25 yard differential between men and women pros for driver distance and I would guess for all clubs.

I am going to compare me and an average female pro golfer verses what a male PGA pro does and it would just be amazing the differences. The average PGA pro hits a 9 iron about 160 yards whereas I hit a 9 iron about 130 yards. I hit an average drive about 245 yards whereas the average PGA pro hits his drive about 290 yards. And it goes on and on so again I ask, am I and the LPGA pros limited by their stature and we cannot regardless of what any guru wants to tell us limited to how far we can hit a ball because of our size. I am also 5’7″ so I would be a comparable player to a LPGA  pro.

So I guess the answer is yes. We cannot hit the ball much further as we just are limited by out size. But I am below average height so if you are 5’9″ or taller and you hit the ball less than 240 yards then yes you can hit the ball further with proper training. But why bother? The average par 4 is less than 420 yards then your second shot is going to be between 80 and 180 yards most of the time,

So to me it would make more sense to be able to hit the ball straighter then longer. Of course if you are driving at 200 yards then you are at a disadvantage. Your par is bogie for the par 4’s and a long par three. But that is not all bad. If you hit the ball straight and get bogies on the par fours and you par the rest of the par threes and par fives then you would shoot a 40 or 41. That’s a good score in my book.

So what have we learned. You must be about 6′ tall to hit 300 yard drives. The women of the LPGA are small compared to the PGA and cannot drive or even hit the balls compared to the PGA. There are some smaller women at 5’7″ that can hit the ball about 270 yards on average with their drives but the average LPGA player is comparable to the average guy that is 5’7″ in distances for all clubs.There are a few exceptions.

So with some help we may be able to drive about 20 yards further then we do now but I doubt it. And the LPGA tour player cannot hit like the PGA tour player as they average about 6 inches shorter then the average PGA pro.

Oh, and I decided that these gurus or golf instructors that are trying to sell you on more club head speed are selling smoke and mirrors. You cannot do it if you already hit the ball over 240 yard drives. I would say the most important thing to learn with my golf tips  is to hit the ball straight and keep it in play to have a better scoring average.

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