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Golf Tips While On Vacation


Golfing tips while on vacation

When is a vacation a vacation? Here are more golf tips – when on vacation you should be able to play golf without any interruptions. Have you ever been on vacation or even just out playing golf when you get a call from work wanting your input?

Well, why shouldn’t the President be able to get a private golf tips from Tiger Woods. See the story below for more info.

Article – The Prez Golfing

White House reporters, who have been denied access to the President during his trip to Florida, revolted after learning of Woods’ surprise appearance, and demanded that they be taken to The Floridian to scoop out the game.

Per the White House pool report:

We got confirmation at 1:45 PM that POTUS had been hitting the links with Tiger Woods inside the “Floridian” golf compound, 20 minutes away from the pool hotel. Your pool has been aware since this morning that a reporter, Tim Rosaforte, had been tweeting and talking on the Golf Channel about the POTUS/Woods game from inside the compound. Still officially under a lid, we decided to assemble and at 2:10 PM we logged a request to the White House for access to the President’s game for a photo-op, like this administration and previous ones have granted in the past. We were told that we were free to travel to the Floridian but wouldn’t get access to POTUS. After some back and forth, our handlers finally arrived at 4:17 PM and our bus was on the move quickly afterwards. We reached the Floridian’s gates at 4:37. We’re holding outside the compound and we’re told that the President is not moving out of the Floridian and that the lid is still in place.

Two hours later, the press pool returned to the hotel empty-handed….More at Barack Obama Played Golf With Tiger Woods This – Business Insider

How hard a job is it? OMG, you cannot go anywhere without being criticized.The President should get a vacation like anyone else. And he should be able to get away without reporters giving critiques about how he plays and why is he out there anyway. I was going to give you a video of him playing but they are mostly news reports with political crap in them.

So if you want to see what the presidents golf swing looks like you will have to look for yourself. He not only got golf tips from Tiger but Butch Harmon too.

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