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Golf Tips While in the Orient

Over the weekend I thought I was having this weird dream.  I thought I was in Japan getting ready to teach golfers using the golf tips I have been supplying to you but I could not find a golf course anywhere.

Let me back track a little. I was in the back seat of a  car with a driver in front and we were taking in the sites and the sun was shining ever so bright.

I was looking at the various sushi restaurants and bars along with some Korean, Chinese or other Oriental stores. All of the Toyota’s, Honda’s, Nissan’s, Kia’s, BMW’s were beautiful. Then I saw a Ford, what the heck was that doing there.

We stopped and parked. We went into a restaurant and I held the door open for a couple following us in and they brushed by me like I was in their way. No thank you or not even a nod. I thought, how rude. Then I realized that they appeared to be American. How can that be.

Actually, when I got inside the restaurant they were all American  looking people. Now I was thoroughly confused. This was an oriental looking restaurant but my driver assured me they had American food as I really disliked sushi or any type of raw fish or meat for that fact.

Then my driver said to me hey what’s going on and I looked up and realized it was my daughter talking to me. Now I was really confused, maybe this was just a bad dream, so I pinched myself and it hurt.

I realized I had been staring out the window so long I had gone into a trance of some type and was kind of out of it but every thing that I had described had occurred.

I then remembered that we were in Chicago and this was not Japan even though it could have been very easily. I don’t know about you but have you been to Chicago lately. it is very un-American. It is more like an oriental country then an American country.

I have got to tell you that for a mid western area the people in Chicago are very rude. They don’t look at you, they don’t acknowledge you and if you should do something for them like holding open a door they don’t even acknowledge the kind act. They run red lights, run into you without stopping their cars to see if you are ok or how much damage they caused..

My daughter has had her vehicle side swiped while she was in it and the guy kept going. My son-in-law has had cars pull out in front of him while riding his bike on numerous occasions and once he ran into the side of the car which bent up the bike. The guy looked at him and saw him get up and then took off.

I can’t tell you how many times I have held restaurant doors open for people in which case they brush by me without saying a word or even looking at me. So I still do it but now I don’t expect anything so I am not disappointed.

But the thing I noticed the most is all of the foreign vehicles there are in this town. I was looking at the cars go by and out of 100 I might see one Ford, GM or Chrysler combined. People wonder why our economy is in the dumps, there you are.

Now I know that they have the right to buy whatever they want with their money but why not think of someone besides yourself. Foreign car manufacturers now makeup 60% of the purchased cars and they provide jobs for about 0.01% of the population. Yet they will only allow 15,000 vehicles from each US manufacturer into Japan or even China per model year. We have an open market and they do not.

All of our golf clubs, except for a scant few come in from China or Taiwan or Japan or Korea with little or not quality control. They have shown that if we get two of the same clubs from the same manufacturer they will hit differently. Sometimes that slice you’ve been hitting is caused by your club and the assortment of parts they use to make them. Buy the same club and that one will hook to much.

Yes, the prices are cheaper but what if they made everything and all of the prices are cheaper but you could not buy them anyway as you were out of a good paying job and could not afford to play as it was more expensive then you can afford. Oh wait, that is what is occurring right now. Hum.

I am an old fashion American guy and I look for American made products to buy. If I cannot, I will purchase a foreign made if I really have to, like a TV or a radio or a computer but if it is a want rather then a have to I will not buy  it if the only way is to buy foreign. I will never buy a vehicle which is not built in America. I will support the American auto industry until the day I die.

So my golf tips for today is to buy American and buy American and only if you can  BUY AMERICAN!!!!

From Lou M.
The Perfect Golf Swing Tips Blog made in America



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