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Golf Tips – What It Takes To Be a Good Golfer

This golf tips article is really about what it takes to become a really good golfer. The real answer is that it will take you money and time and a dedication to becoming the golfer you want to become.

When I was much younger, I thought I had all the answers because golfing became very easy for me. I did not start golfing until I was 14 years old. You see all of my friends were into having paper routes and that just seemed boring as hell to me.

There was a friend of mine who had a paper route that surrounded a private country club in the middle of the city. These homes were huge and the tips this guy used to get at all of the holidays was something else. But I did not want to get up every morning at 3:30 am to get my papers, get the papers from the paper distribution building, fold them all, package them up and go deliver them.

My buddy had a car that was pretty much paid for by the paper route but I was too young and besides he had the route already. So with more investigation I found out that I could get right inside the golf course and carry golf bags and make more money them my buddy that had the best paper route. So I got  a job caddying at the country club.

I actually was 13 when I started and worked as a caddy for 3 years. The first year I did not golf at all but I was learning distances and could help the member figure out distances and which club each member could hit. Then one day in the second year, the golf pro gave us all a golf lesson or two with the basics.

We could golf for free on Monday as the course was being worked on every week. The members tore up the course pretty bad especially with all of the play on the weekends so they started a tradition many moons ago that allowed them to work on the course and also allow some of the employees to golf for free.

So began my career in golf. I played while I caddied but when I stop caddying after my third year at 15 I only played sparingly as I was not able to afford my own clubs or even the money to play. I was now in high school and was working at a Pharmacy where I could work all year round. So it wasn’t until I got to working after college and could then afford to buy some cheap golf clubs and play more consistently that I started to get pretty good.

I played on some leagues now and again and found a couple of places where I could get lessons and soon got to be better then most of my friends and when they asked me how I was getting better I told them it was my natural ability that allowed me to excel.

In reality, I was playing more and had a few lessons. I know, in one of my more recent posts I said it takes playing a lot to get better but I thought about that and some of the people I play golf with and new that was not true, entirely.

There is a group of guys I play golf with that play frequently and they have gotten private lessons from a local golf pro and one of the guys that we play golf with that is very good and is not afraid to provide lessons when asked or will sometimes volunteer.

I find that you have to be athletically  inclined to be somewhat good at sports activities. You need to have a lesson or two for the basics just to understand what is required to function and then it takes lots of practice. Once you get the fundamentals and start playing a lot you will get better.

To really get good you need to play about three to four times a week or spend a day or two on the golf driving range to practice by hitting a couple of hundred balls each time you go to the range. With that type of dedication you will get to be better then the average golfer by a mile.

You see there are only three types of golfers, the guy that played in college and got to be very good and still plays a lot today and shoots near par, then there is the better then average golfer that happens to have the ability to play a lot of golf and then finally the once or twice per week league or weekend golfer that is not very good and will never be any good. This represents almost 90% of the golfers. I have not included the pros as no one you or I know will ever compete against them.

So the truth is that you are probably in the last group and will continue to play a limited schedule and go out and enjoy your self while shooting in the low 50’s for nine holes with your friends that are doing the same and you guys compete on the same level, have a few drinks and eat something before going home satisfied with the good time had by all.

There is nothing wrong with that and these golfers are the staple of the golf courses. They depend on us to come and do that every week for 20 to 25 weeks during the spring, summer and fall. Without us, there would be no golf courses or golf club makers or golf stores for the rest of them as we supply the majority of the business for all of these golf outlets.

So my golf tips of the day is to get better you need the basics and lots of money and time to get better. And for the majority, there is no change.

From Lou M.
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