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Golf Tips Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf Tips Spikeless golf shoes

I saw this golf tips article about going spikeless and that there was still an issue about going spikeless. Now I don’t understand as we have been going spikeless for over 10 years.

I was watching the pros play over the last few weeks and was surprised that the pros were still using spiked golf shoes. But we cannot play on a golf course without our spikeless golf shoes yet the PGA has come out against the ban on bellie putters.

Read the artilce to find out more.

Spikeless golf shoes are no longer a novelty. They’re legitimate golf footwear you should really consider when it’s time for your next pair of golf shoes. Golfers who wear them say they’re more comfortable, lighter weight, and more versatile than traditional spiked golf shoes. Many wear them as their regular sneakers. You can go right from the car to the first tee, then to the clubhouse for lunch. Head home, then later go to a barbecue – all without changing your shoes….More at Golf Tips; Try Spikeless Golf Shoes | SunRiver St. George

Pardon me for being a little blunt here but what the Hell. How come they are not wearing spikeless golf shoes. As a matter of fact here is another golf tips that you can use. There have been a number of times playing last year that I did not wear any golf shoes or athletic shoes of any kind while golfing.

As matter of fact, I have gone as far as golfing with plan old sandals. Not the spiked kind but the one you wear to the beach. Who needs spikes.

Now don’t get me wrong but I have purchased a new pair of spikeless golf shoes two years ago and they cost me just under $100 but I more often then I should go without them. As a matter of fact, Last year I bought Nike running shoes that weighs about 10 ounces that I am thinking of wearing golfing this season to see how they feel.

Actually, as far as I am concerned, you really don’t need golf shoes unless the ground is wet.

Even the professional women’s Association has different shoes for their golfers. I wouldn’t call them spikeless but I would think they would be tough to use in the sand traps. So even though we are not allowed on almost every golf course we play on, the pros get to use their spiked shoes.

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