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Golf Tips – Some Rules of Golf

The rules of golf are pretty strict and sometimes are a little vague. So we thought we could bring you a few of the rules of golf to help provide you with golf tips for playing the game of golf.

The article touches on just a few of the rules of golf and there is a diagram that shows three balls and it wants to know…

Rules of golf: Memory Aides…

Here are a few suggestions that might help, but be warned that like most general aide-mémoires, there may be occasional exceptions that could catch you out.

  1. A penalty of one stroke in stroke play is also a penalty of one stroke in match play; a penalty of two strokes in stroke play is loss of hole in match play. (But see 1,2 & 3 below)
  2. If a player accidentally causes a ball at rest to move (or is deemed to have caused it to move, as in Rule 18-2b) there is a penalty of one stroke and the ball must be replaced; if God moves the ball there is no penalty and the ball must be played from where He moved it to….More at Rules of Golf: Memory Aids on the Rules of Golf

Did you guess the correct answer. I missed it. But it does go to prove that some of the rules of golf are pretty confusing. That may be why most golf leagues are not sanctioned by the PGA and therefore are played under a more relaxed rules.

Can you imagine golfers who already shoot in the mid 50’s to early 60’s for nine holes could not move the ball to improve their lies how much more would they get for strokes. Then the league playing time would really be outrageous. Some leagues already play in excess of two and one half hours, which is much to long.

Here is a video to help explain Rule 27 Ball Lost/Out of Bounds.

Video presented by Dan Brosnihan, the Head Golf Professional at Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton Beach, Fla., explains the two parts of golf Rule 27 — lost ball or ball out of bounds.

I must tell you that in all of the leagues I have played in for all of my life we have never gone back to the beginning of the balls flight to hit the ball over. We do not lose distance. We just go out to where the ball went in and hit from there and take a stroke penalty. Again it is because of the quality of players and the time required to play for fellow golfers in your league and for other leagues that are following your league.

You take 5 minutes to find your ball, add another 3 to 5 minutes to go back and tee up the ball, hit it and go try and find it, there is no guarantee you will hit it inbounds and you have backed up every one behind you by 10 to 12 minutes. If that is done by 6 to 10 players in your league you are backed up by and hour or more. Not acceptable for casual golfers out for a quiet game of golf.

So I guess for the average league golfer the rules apply for defining when to take a penalty but situations determine what to do to remedy the rule infraction. On private courses and under PGA conditions for tournaments the rules should be followed to the letter. So there you have it. Play the way you want and take the strokes when rules are broken and then follow the penalties of the local ruling.

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