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Golf Tips: Playing Side Hill Lies

Today’s golf tips is about hilly lies. I must confess, this is one of my weakest areas as far as trying to decide what to do. I usually figure it out as I watch the flight of the golf ball and I decide I should not have done it that way.

Whether the lie is side hill, downhill or uphill, I just don’t know exactly what to do. I am pretty sure that if the ball is above your fee with a side hill lie that I will probably pull it to my left. Subsequently I can figure out that if the ball is below my feet with a side hill lie it will go to the right but like I started this thing out I am usually wrong.

So this article comes at an opportune time. So read and enjoy.

One of golf’s great treasures is variety. Except on the tee, you almost never hit a shot from a completely flat lie.

We’re going to look at how to play uphill and downhill lies you’ll invariably encounter.

1008831 golfhill Golf Tips; Uphill and Downhill Lies uncategorized sunriver golf course happenings  SunRiver Golf golf tips golf A simple rule of thumb for uphill and downhill shots is to play the ball toward the higher foot. Ball position is essential to getting the ball in the air effectively on these shots….More at Golf Tips; Uphill and Downhill Lies | SunRiver St. George

Well, I hope that helped

Next is a video from Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre in Toronto, and Top 25 CPGA Teacher as rated by Score Golf Magazine, shows you how to perfect your shots on uphill, downhill and sidehill lies.

I like Shawn, he is very good about location, swing, exercise and more. He has over 260 videos on YouTube. This is part 2.

Of course what would a video lesson be without Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, one of the Canadian PGA Top Teachers and Most Popular Teacher-Instructor on You Tube shows you how using the slopes helps refine the golf swing and prevent the dreaded Over the Top and bad weightshift.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and the article for today’s golf tips

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