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Golf Tips – Play Like A Pro

This golf tips article is about playing your shot that make sense just like the pros do. It is not to teach you how to play like a pro but it gives you common sense hints on how to play.

Now these tips make sense to me but there was one that caught me by surprise. See if you can spot the one that surprised me.

Play Like  A Pro,

I teach a mix of tour players and regular golfers on the range at my club, and the amateurs can’t help but eavesdrop, hoping to pick up some tips from the professionals. Can that sometimes be a good idea? Sure. But other bits of advice and strategy are best left to the golfers who play for a living. Here, I’ll show you some of the most common things you might be tempted to copy from the guys and gals on tour—and explain which ones make sense and which ones don’t. Helping me demonstrate is PGA Tour rookie Paul Haley II. I’ve been teaching him since he was a little 6-year-old with a big swing. Now he’s one of the pros my amateur students want to copy….More at Play Like A Pro? –

Did you get a surprise from one or more of the answers? Well, I told you I was surprised by one but there were two answers that surprised me, the first and the last.

The first because all we hear about now a days is the gap wedge to fill the distances. Therefore, we need at least three wedges according to many instructors and the ads we see.

Personally I use two wedges, my pitching wedge and the sand wedge. If you have ever seen any of the Paul Wilson videos, he has one where he shows you how to use two wedges to fill the gaps from 100 yards in. It is fascinating.

Now the second one that surprised me was getting exact yardage for the pitch shot to the pin. I disagree violently. If you’ve been a reader of my blog you’ll know why but if you are new then I will explain.

I have some guys I golf with, in various leagues, that are not very good golfers and at the same time they have more money then sense. They have GPS yardage indicators. They love these things so much that they will be two in a cart and both their balls may end up next to the 150 yard marker and they will stand side by side reading the distance to the pin. By the way it more often then not took them two shot each to go 250 yards to end up at the 150 yard marker together. Amazing!

Now. all golf courses will tell you whether the pin is front, center or back and depending on how big the greens are that distance could vary from 10 to 30 yards. But these guys shoot in the low 50’s or maybe the high 40’s (if lucky) for nine holes. Which means they have no idea if they are going to hit a 7 iron a 150 yards or 75 yards let alone 156 or 148 yards or more than likely wide right or wide left and short. So why bother? It just takes up time. So if I am ready to shoot, I just go ahead and I am dying to hear them complain about me shooting out of turn. Or sometimes I complain about slow play but alas I fear it falls on deaf ears. A quote from Shakespeare!

So the answer they gave in the article  is OK for the pros but for the average league hack it causes slow play that is not necessary. You know, based on the greens you play, whether you need another club for the shot. Or if you are like my friends it is better to shoot for the center of the green and hope you can land on the green and hope you can two putt. That’s a lot of hoping. Therefore, the 200, 150 and 100 yard makers are perfect for us league golfers.

I’m sorry, I got on a rant so no video. This was better for me anyway and if you are one of those guys that uses his GPS monitor for silly reasons, shame on you. If you do it and are not holding up play bless you but most of these guys are stupid about using these devices and wind up two or more holes behind which causes 3 hour rounds. That drives me crazy more than anything else, slow play. I want to kill when I get in to the club house. Oops there I go again, sorry.

Anyway that was my golf tips for the day.

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