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Golf Tips Not Normally Needed


Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling. Well our golf tips never thought we would have to tell you to watch out where you are going this spring as we don’t know what the weather has done to our favorite golf course.

Can you imagine being out in the middle of the fairway with a great drive and find your ball in a divot? Well, yes you can but can you imagine falling into a sink hole beneath your feet and falling 18 feet?

There have been a number of instances lately that makes this something to be concerned about. read this article and it will give you a new concern.

What should have been an enjoyable day of golf amid warming weather took a turn for the worse Friday at Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Ill., where a golfer was felled by a sinkhole about 18 feet deep while standing in the middle of the 14th fairway.

Mark Mihal, 43, a mortgage broker from Creve Coeur, Mo.,

Sink Hole

Image by Capt' Gorgeous via Flickr

suffered a dislocated shoulder at the course south of St. Louis. He was pulled out rather quickly with some help from his regular foursome as well as course staff.

Playing partner Ed Magaletta, 58, said Mihal and Mike Peters, who had hit “quintessential perfect drives,” were checking yardages on the par-5 hole. Magaletta and Hank Martinez were near a fairway bunker when Magaletta happened to look over and suddenly couldn’t see Mihal.

“I shouted over, ‘Mark fell down the hill,’ ” Magaletta told on Tuesday. “Mike shouted, ‘Eddie, come over here, this is crazy.’…More at Golf course sinkhole sends golfer falling, dislocates shoulder near St

Can you imagine? They did not continue playing. What the heck, they dragged him out of the pit why not keep going? They had him in a sling so if he did not want to keep playing they could have used his average for all bets and kept playing.

I am not sure what type of golfers these guys are, and I use the term golfer loosely. they had already gotten past the hard part of the golf course so why not continue. To top it off they were on the 14th hole so why not finish?

I can see why the injured golfer did not keep playing but I know the guys I play with, half would have kept playing and the other half are lawyers so you know what they would have done.

Here is a video from the local news outlet and an interview with the victim. I say victim as he was completely unaware of what was ahead of him and of course you can see the golf course management doing law suit control.

I am not sure what their liability is but I would hope they would pay for any medical bills and offer some free golf for the rest of the year. I know if it were my course that is what I would do. Your golf tips for today is watch your step on the course.

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