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Golf Tips Hitting More Greens In Regulation

Golf tips hitting more greens in regulation will improve you golf scores. Believe it or not, if you are able to land on more greens in regulation, your golf scores will get better and better as long as you can putt in regulation also.

It sounds weird but those people who are scratch golfers or better only land on greens in regulation 12 out of 18 times. Which means they are able to get  down in a chip and one putt more often then we do.

I can remember a guy I worked with was pretty good compared to us. He was not a scratch golfer but he was about a 3 or 4 handicap. Pretty good golfer.

He once went to watch the pros golf on our TPC course and came back with this statement, “They don’t hit the ball much further then us but they are great around the greens”

Here is the article about Greens in Regulation (GIR)

We all want to improve our Golf Handicap. But most of us usually just settle with our scores and enjoy our good days on the golf course. When we go to the driving range we practice every golf club in our bag and maybe more balls on the Driver because we enjoy it more or believe is more important. But should you practice your weakest area more?

The problem is that even though we have an idea of how good or how bad we are in one area, we don’t really know until we track it and compare to benchmarks. That’s why we are we are starting a series of articles that will help you compare to others in your handicap range, and see what people in your desired handicap range shoot to get to that level….More at Golf tips: Set a GIR target to improve your golf handicap

I found this video that will help you hit more greens in regulation. It is a sales video that provides three good tips. Actually without seeing their sales page the tips being offered are good enough that their products maybe worth looking into to buy as the golf tips are just very solid and simple.

That statistic about scratch golfers hitting only 12 greens in regulation is fascinating. I need to concentrate on hitting the greens and chipping close for tap ins. That will get me closer to my quest of shooting around 40 for nine holes.

So my golf tips of the day are to concentrate more on hitting greens in regulation and chip better for tap ins.

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