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Golf Tips – Golfs 4 Stages


Golf Tips Golfs 4 stages 

This is a great article with golf tips which are the four stages of golf. I have gone through all four stages myself and juist about every golfer I know has also.

See if you recodnize your self with this article from Charles de Garmo.

All this brouhaha over golf lately. Golf was invented in the 16th century by the Scots. It’s a game of public humiliation dreamed up by people who think music comes from bagpipes that will make you crazy through what I call the four stages.

The first stage is IGNORANCE, when you decide to take up the game, buy clubs and start to flog (golf spelled backward) away. Take lessons from a pro and you’ll advance more quickly. Take lessons and tips from well-meaning high-handicap friends and you’ll struggle.

A basic truism in golf is that the higher a person’s handicap, the more they want to give you lessons. In this stage you’ll learn the cruelty of golf with comments like: “So, you want to hit longer drives? Hit the ball and run backward,” and “What’s wrong with my game? I suggest you go home and cut 4 inches off the shafts. That way your clubs will fit better in the garbage can.”…More at Charles de Garmo: Golf's four stages: It's a wonderful game if you can stomach it – TCPalm


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