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Golf Tips For The Experienced Golfer

Here’s golf tips for the experienced player

The game of golf is just not very easy to duplicate over and over. These golf tips are what the experienced player should do to help them get over the hump to get better. I know that when I was a 4 handicap I could not seem to get any better. I used to take lessons at the beginning and end of the season as we were winding down. But I just could not get any better.

Sure I had very good rounds but I could not do it with any consistency. My consistency was playing par and making an error every now and then and sometimes when I was in a hurry I would make several errors that would help maintain a 4 handicap.

What was my holdup

I think that one of my many issues was that I was too fast with shots from the fairway or even with a drive and much to fast with my putts. I would average about 35 putts per round of 18 holes. The only thing that would help me would be a good second shot or a good chip. But I could never take the time to align my shots to be close to the pin giving me a chance for a good birdie putt. Usually I would have a long lag putt and sometimes I didn’t get close for the easy second putt.

So, I had an issue that would prevent me from playing scratch or better and that was playing too fast. I would never be the cause of slow play for the group. I was always the first on the tee, to hit first and always played my ball when I got to it unless there was someone directly behind me.

I would never take a practice swing as I used to do that and then my golf swing would not be good on the playing swing so I just got up, lined up the ball and swung away.

I guess you could say that I was content with my play and why not when I was better then 99% of the golfers I played with.

We used to play all kinds of money games on the course. These would include “skins”, “closest to” on the par threes, “most one putts”, etc. You get the idea. I would walk away every round with more money then I lost so I was happy but I just could not get any better. Apparently there was no incentive for me to get better.

So what have I done

That’s what I have been doing for the past two years is attempting to get better. I had been out of golf for about 16 years and I was officially a “hack” now. My average score was 52 with a few 56’s and not many in the 40’s. Actually there were none in the 40’s.

So I tried to get better and looking back in retrospect I should have taken golf lessons from a local pro. It would have been faster and cheaper. I am now in the low to mid 40’s and I think this next season I will be in the low 40’s and high 30’s.

The reason I spent all of my time learning to play golf online was I did not realize that there were so many different methods for the golf swing. The golf tips I was getting were too hard for the average golfer or even the once good golfer. So I would find another , then another and so on until I finally found it at the end of last season.

I was playing much better but the driver that had been so good to my was not reliable anymore. You see I broke the shaft and had it replaced twice but it was never the same club. Here’s another one of my golf tips, if you buy a golf bag with holes for the clubs do not put the driver and any of your metal woods in one of the outside holes.

The reason for that is my strap on the golf cart had been loosened and when I took off the bag fell out and landed on the cart path. The driver had been placed in the first opening and when it landed the head was facing out and hit the ground before the bag did and broke the shaft of the club. The club was never the same after that. So I bought a new driver and three metal wood. If you are wondering, I got Adams Speedline Fast 12’s. They appear to be great clubs but I have only hit about 20 balls with each club and half where in a domed driving range so it has been hard to tell what is happening.

Enough about me. Let’s get to the article and I will see you at the end.

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It seems with golf there is tons of advice for novice golfers, but as you become more seasoned, there is an assumption that you don’t need advice anymore. As if once you’ve played for a few years you can no longer improve your game. Of course, if you were to ask the pros, like Matt Kuchar and Hunter Mahan, the two Americans who played in the championship match at the recently concluded Accenture Match Play Championship, I doubt they would agree. Obviously, you can continue to improve your game, and here are the things experienced golfers need to keep in mind….More at Tips to Improve an Experienced Golfer’s Game – Golf Balls Unlimited

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Here’s a Video with Golf tips for the advanced player

A few golf tips for the slightly more advanced golf players. Control your ball even more and make it to your target. Sheffield based PGA Golf Professional Robert Wragg takes you through how to improve your game. For more golf tips and advice, if you live in and around the city of Sheffield join The Sheffield Golf Club at

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