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Golf Tips – Does Weather Affect Golf Balls

Golf Tips with cold/warm golf balls


If you’ve played golf in the cold you know that the ball does not travel like it does during hot summer days. Do you know why? Just click on to the blue link at the bottom of the article and you will get the entire article to tell you why.


Golf BallsThe cooler the surrounding temperature, the denser the air is around the ball.  If the air is dense, the ball needs more velocity to travel as far as it would in thinner or warmer air.  So if the ambient temperature is warm, the air is less dense, which means the ball performs better.  It’s not unlike the tires on race cars, where the higher the temperature, the stickier the tire, which means the car can go faster.

If you’re playing in cool weather, the ball’s compression ration makes a big difference in how far the ball will travel.  For the most part, high compression golf balls will not travel as far as lower compression golf balls in cold conditions.  And if it’s cold outside, and you store your balls in a cold place, the higher compression balls will harden.  They become less resilient.  This is a good time to break out the custom golf balls….More at Hot And Cold Golf Balls | Albanian Journalism


So it does make a significant difference. But we already knew that didn’t we? So just in case you did not get it all, the following is a video that will help you reinforce what we already know.

Video about how the cold affects golf

This video tells you that golf ball performance varies depending on temperature. From Frank Thomas and Valerie Melvin discuss the impact that changes in temperature have on golf ball performance. Enjoy the cold but we can’t get out and play yet any way.

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