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Golf Tips: Chip Shots

Learning this golf tips will net you about 2 to 3 strokes per nine holes. Learning how to chip to reduce the number of putts you will have is great. We learning in a previous post that a scratch golfer only hits 12 greens in regulation yet they will play par golf. How do they get those results, it is by chipping close to the pin for tap ins or easy to putt putts.

So this is a critical part of your game. Even if you are a 15 or 20 handicap you can improve your golf scores by 2 to 3 strokes per nine holes or 4 to 6 for 18 hioles. Chips and putts are your money shots. Like the old saying goes “drive for show and putt for dough”, well that includes chips to. So spend time with this article and I will have two videos behind it to help.

I often see students that struggle with their pitching and controlling their distance with pitches. The problem is that these students lose their connection with their arms and body. Connection is the key to improving a person’s pitching and short game skills and can truly fix multiple flaws in the short game. Below are three golf tips for your short game that will help you find your connection….More at 3Golf Tips for Short Game – Improve Your Pitch Shots

Now we have a couple of videos to help cement what you have just read.

We are going to stay with Shawn Clement and this video is entitled “Very Short Chip Shot Tip; #1” the second video is called “Short Game Chipping;” with a pleasant surprise as part of the video.

I hope you enjoyed.

I am not sure if you remember the video I did with Paul Wilson but it was different from Shawn’s video or techniques of how he does short and longer chips. I like them both but Paul’s is more scientific and can be used for both short and long chips. Paul also plays the ball off of his back foot whereas I prefer the weight on the front and the ball on the front foot similar to Shawn’s. Take your pick but make sure learn to chip well and reduce your scores.

For this golf tips for today is to make sure become a very good chipper for better golf scores.

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