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By | March 7, 2013

This particular golf tips and drills is about driving your golf swing using your right foot/leg. In an unusual method of communicating CJ gives us an article to read. His preference is to show you what he means and does mostly videos.

I have taken lessons from GJ online and found him to be a resourceful teacher. But like most of the tutorials I have used I found them a little to complex. Not this article, it is very straight forward and easy to understand and implement.

So here is his article.

If you want to hit the golf ball farther, look at your golf shoes. I have given hundreds of golf lessons to people about the proper grip being in the fingers which allows you to hinge and unhinge your wrists for power, but one huge source of power is your lower body.

If your lower body action is correct, the toe of your right shoe should be worn down. If it isn’t, then that is a sign that you may not be positioned correctly. Try to imagine this: if you were going to punch a wall you would wind up away from the wall and then explode with your body, primarily pushing off of your right foot and into the wall with your fist. Please don’t try this at home – you may need six weeks for your fist to heal. And I don’t want to reply to all the messages from your wives blaming me for the hole in the wall….More at 3 Golf Tips to Improve Your Driving

The article provides a lot of information about hitting your drives. I for one am going to practice that throwing drill to get that back leg to push through on my shot, not just the driver.

I have added a short video with another drill to help with the right foot. He calls this drill his right toe in drill, I hope you’ll enjoy. A great drill to increase power and distance in the golf swing – uploaded for use on

So what we have learned so far is how important out back foot is to our golf swing. This golf tips and drill is designed to help you have more straighter and longer shots. There is a problem though with too much right foot too early.

There is a video from Don Trahan that showed how trying to get more speed some students of his were driving the right side much to fast and much too early causing pushed shots and other issues so driving the right side is good but you have to be careful not to be too early.

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