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Golf Tips an Apology

This golf tips is for those of you that have come to expect new stuff on a daily basis. Normally I can’t get enough things to tell you about in golf. There are too many opinions out there and too many ways for things to work so you get a variety of methods to improve your golf game.

What I have finally realized is that there is no one way of doing things.

What determines if you are good or bad is how much golf you play or practice. But I want to digress from that thought for a moment as I have a need to get this off of my chest.

I have been without access to my web sites and it has become like a junkie not getting his fix. I have to have this thing called a blog. So without my daily fix I had to divert my attention in other ways. So what did I do?

I painted. I painted the hall and foyer one day. Then yesterday I painted the living room and dining room and their ceilings. Why you say? Well the primary reason was that my wife wanted them painted.

You see, back in February of 2012 we went to a home fix up exposition and signed up for a lot of fix-it reviews and pricing. We have lived in our new home for over 30 years and have raised two great kids here.

My wife likes the hood and it is cheap living so we look every now and again at new homes on the pretense we are going to move. If I had bought a house back in 96 like we had wanted, things would have been a lot different but life has a way of changing things so we stayed and we are at this junction point.

Anyway, back to my story. We had people come out to the house to give us pricing on a new high efficiency furnace and ac unit, blown in liquid insulation into our walls, remodeling the house, new floors, new roof, tankless hot water heater, hot water heater, and some other things.

Well, after a parade of sales people we finally decided to remodel the kitchen, install a new high efficiency furnace and ac unit, new hot water heater, blown in insulation into the walls from the out side, and a new floor for the kitchen and hall. Whew!

After the remodel, we had a new wall in the living/dining rooms and could not find he same color to match what we had. The color had changed and it was a slight shade off. So of course we had to change the color.

We don’t entertain very much so we were slow making the change.

With Easter right around the corner and we normally host Easter, it was imperative that we paint the colors so that they matched. So I was going to paint this week regardless of whether my web hosting worked or not. But it would have been a lotĀ  less hectic.

So that is what we did yesterday. PAINT for about 8 hours straight. Took 15 minutes to inhale lunch and went at it. My wife made a run to get two more gallons as it was evident we were not going to get by on anything less.

So here we are, next day and my hands are sore but my hosting company finally got my web sites up and operational. I am very disappointed with this hosting company as we have had issues about every three to four months with these characters but it is usually because I have done something wrong or one of my clients has done something wrong and it locks me out.

Too much security or even too much sensitive security. So if something is done out of the ordinary or if I have forgotten something and tried too many times it faults and locks me out.

So I am back and my security blanket is sitting in my lap and I am fat fingering my way through this post and correcting my errors. My fingers are sore and stiff so the exercise is good for my fingers. I think I am done painting for a while. Oops, I forgot, my wife is now using my desk top computer and she is using it in the back upstairs bedroom which I have claimed as my computer room. I have lost my desk to her and my chair so I sit at a card table until I reorganize the room and of course the color is all wrong.

So, work is on the horizon for my “computer room”. I cannot go to crazy as it still has to function as a bedroom if we ever do decide to buy another house and sell this one.

Anyway, I am back forĀ  three or four months and my next two posts are already online but I have to complete. Oh and I forgot to mention, I have not shaved for the last four days in protest so I need to cut it off. See ya at the other posts.

From Lou M.
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