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Golf Tips About Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf tips about spikeless shoes

This is deja ‘vue all over again. My golf tips today is about spikeless golf shoes.

Ok, I think I have it. Is it contagious, I don’t think so? Is it hazardous to your health? I don’t think so?

So what am I talking about? Well, we have to go back a few years ago to understand what I am talking about.

My experience with rubber/plastic spikes

About 10 years ago we were told we would have to change our cleats from steel to plastic/rubber. Do you remember all of the hopla this created and how many times did you go to a golf course and see a sign that said “NO STEEL SPIKES”.

I was kicked off of more golf courses then not back in the day as I rebelled against the change from steel to rubber/plastic I even claimed they would cripple me one day.

Well, that day came about. I remember it well. It was about three years after I changed over to plastic cleats on shoes. It was the first hole, after a heavy rain in the early hours. We were at a very nice golf course and we were using our rubber cleat golf shoes. There was a puddle of water between the cart path and the golf tee box.

I jumped across and landed on my left shoe and my foot slide out from under me and I landed on my right leg with my knee under my butt. I wish I could sue the cleat manufacturer but it was my fault. I have a tendency to shuffle along and wore my cleats down to nothing. I stretched the ligament in my right knee and it hurt bad.

I tried to walk it out but it was still sore. So I had two choices, play or quit and go to the doctors office. I chose to play. So for the next 18 holes I suffered it out. To add insult to injury because of the heavy morning rain we were required to keep the carts on the cart path and walk to the ball. So I was walking an extra 40 to 80 yards on every golf shot. Then I went bowling after golf and then the next day I went to the doctors office. He gave me a wrap and said wear it. So I did  and to this day I still have issues with that knee.

Anyway, that was my experience with going from steel spikes to rubber/plastic spikes.

I find the difference

Now we have spikeless shoes. I have finally figured out what they are talking about. I was confused when I heard them talking about them as I confused them with the rubber/plastic spiked golf shoe. Well I was wrong,

The new spikeless golf shoes are exactly that, They have no spikes. They have a different series of bumps on the soles of the shoes.They can be as simple as just bumps about a 1/4 of an inch tall or a much more complex series of designs for more traction.

Video from Fred Couples

The first notice of them came about when Fred Couples wore a pair of ECCO spikeless golf shoes in a tournament about a year ago and would up in second place. Since then they have been the latest golf sensation. Like I said in a previous post I have played numerous time without golf shoes and felt comfortable and felt no concern about distance or stability.

A video about Comparing

I have two videos for you, one with Fred Couples which you just watched and his great golf shoes that can be worn every where and then a scientific study video  done comparing spike shoes verses spikeless golf shoes. The one thing that everyone agrees with is that when you wear out your spikes you can get new ones and your good to go but when you wear out the spikeless golf shoe (whenever that is) you have to replace the shoe.

So I guess you will have to come to your own conclusion about my golf tips on which shoe to wear. Last fall I bought a par of Nike running shoes that I used for my treadmill and for my exercises including weight lifting so I thought I would try golfing in them, There were $80 shoes I got on sale for $60 so if they work then it would be great. They only weigh about 10 ounces (exagerate) so they are very light and comfortable.

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