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By | March 18, 2013

Page, Arionza This golf tips article is about firm and fast conditions at your favorite golf courses. For us it occurs only around August as we have heat waves and limited rain to soften things up but many of the premium golf courses will water every night to keep the course green and lush.

The greens will vary of course from golf course to golf course even during the dry months. So it is hard to get used to conditions that make the conditions better or worse.

Here is your golf tips article about firm and fast conditions.

Depending on where you live, you either deal with firm and fast golf courses all the time, or hardly ever. For the northern states, you may get to see a firm and fast golf course only a few times a year.

When conditions do yield a firm and fast course, what adjustments can you make to your game to get the most out of the situation?…More at Tips For Playing a Firm Fast Golf Course | Golf Channel

Well, like I said, our courses are more often then not very soft until we get to August and then our drives go about 20 to 30 yards further. Of course we lovde that but when we get to the greens or just in front we could end up over the greens so it has it’s disadvantages also.

So what I have done is to provide you with a video of putting on a very fast green. He talks about using the front of the putter to reduce the force with which you hit the ball with. That is what I used for a long time and then one day a guy I was golfing with noticed that I do not putt very well and the putter I have is about as old as I am.

When I told him how I putt he told me to always hit the ball on the sweet spot so I am not sure what to do now. I viewed two videos and they both said the same things so I think I will continue doing what I had been doing.

So that has been my golf tips of the day for playing on firm and fast greens and courses.

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